Why Not?

Why is it that when we grow up, we go from colouring books, to bank statements, hydro bills, mortgages? I know, I know it's a right of passage into the adult world. I say REVOLT! I say don't do it... ok, so we have to do it in order to be responsible... but is there still a way for use to be responsible and take care of ourselves too?...more

Grab some paints… it's cheaper than therapy!

It's already mid-March and in many parts of the world that means people have had it up to the top of their snow shovel with winter and what seems like endless grey skies. As a former New Englander, I know this feeling first-hand and I learned at a young age that a cheap set of paints goes a long way towards turning the winter blues into, well... prettier blues, and greens and reds...and, you get what I mean....more

Say the word "creativity"....

...and people run for the hills!It always amazes me that although I have been working on this site and talking about this site for over a year now, most people don't seem to know what it is, what it's for, who it's for, etc etc.Perhaps this is through a naivety of my own. A poor ability on my part to communicate who we are at Miativity.com. We are a husband and wife. Creatively navigating through life. With four creative kids that have so much to give and contribute to this world.Doesn't all of that just describe every one of us?...more

colorful design

  My design for my graduation competition. ...more

How Knitting Helped Me write a Screenplay

                               SO  frustrated writing my screenplay  I started knitting. I figured lets do two things badly.                               I am not a knitter. In fact I failed 4-H but for some reason at this juncture of life knitting gave my OCD a focus.  Settled the mind. Knitting and purling was like doing the rosary with wool.New thing for me was if I made a mistake I didn’t keep knitting hoping it would correct itself. I tore it out and started again.  And before you know it I was knittin’socks with a pattern ( or rather let other knitters help me break knitters code-I swear I don’t know what half the directions mean, and the CIA could hide national secrets in knitting patterns and nobody would ..... more CLICK HERE...more

Half Hearts

Seen DifferentlyI recently reset my computer’s desktop background to a default image from my computer.  I was a black and white negative of a leaf.It is a neat affect because it causes you to look at something potentially very familiar a little differently.  I have been meaning to try this photographic affect and here are a couple of my first attempts....more

Closing the Book on My Screenplay: The Write Way To Say Goodbye

Last week I finished writing my screenplay. I have the cover letter, the two page synopsis, my resume, and the first five pages of the script all ready to be sent to the Sundance Screenwriters Lab. Of course, the application process doesn't even open for another month but I like being prepared. It's been, well, quite a long time since I finished any piece of writing, let alone something of this magnitude....more
It sounds like a fantastic send off!more

The World's Most Overused Word

Perhaps the most overused and misunderstood word in the English language today is "creativity." Companies call in highly paid consultants and hold weekend retreats and seminars trying to magically instill creativity in their management staff. Schools always include it in their curriculum, usually at the same time they delete art and music classes from their schedules and cut the budgets for materials in cooking classes, metal shop, and other hands-on endeavors. Don't even get me started on that...I'm an EX art teacher!...more

A New Adventure!

Dear Diva Craft Lounge listeners & Viewers, For the last 81/2 years Rayme and I have been honored & priveledged to come into your crafting santuary once a week. We hope you've had as much fun as we have. As all things grow and change we too are doing the same! For years you've heard and seen us chat about ALL things "Creative & Crafty".. But we also love our theattre, music, books, cooking and home decor. So.......more

Polymaths, Multitasking and Renaissance Men (and Women)

On weekends, the clinic where I work closes when all of our patients are discharged. Sometimes we work a full eight-hour shift, but today, it means that we closed shop around lunchtime. This gift of a weekend afternoon causes mild distress, however, because I have to decide whether to spend it plinking out a new post for this blog, or playing hooky. Getting home without window shopping, and staying home instead of going for a run along the river doesn't solve the problem....more