Art Deco doggies: puppy brooches from the early 20th century.

I'm glad this day has finally come. ...more

Art Deco diamond, conch pearl, and enamel bracelet, Cartier.

This bracelet really is extra super pretty. It's more than that; it's spectacular, magnificent, incredible. It deserves to be described in only multi-syllabic superlatives.   ...more

Art Deco diamond tiara/necklace/bracelet, circa 1935.

What could possibly be better than a gorgeous Art Deco diamond necklace? If your guess was "a gorgeous Art Deco diamond necklace that converts into both a tiara and a bracelet," you are in luck. If that wasn't your guess, you're still in luck because you get to look at it too....more

Tourmaline filigree ring, 1930's.

I'm a little biased about this ring because I happen to own one of a similar design, but with an onyx. When I wear that ring I usually end up spending half the day staring at it, because it's so beautiful. I wear it frequently. And yes, I often trip over things....more