Diary of a tatted Mother

When I was sitting in tattoo salon almost 20 years ago, I never thought it would become the first of many times that I would visit ‘the chair’. I can even remember the smell that filled the air. It’s a familiar smell that anyone with a tattoo can relate to. I remember flipping through books, pictures and images of previously drawn characters that the artist had inked. I found what a perfect representation, of me was, at the time. Tweety Bird! But wait. It was my freshman year in college and I was such a fan of Warner Bros....more

Handing Off the Torch

Author, poet, freelancerToday's post on Claudsy's Blog  transitions into April's Month of Poetry with a closing of March's challenge and a peek at upcoming attractions.Poems float through our lives as so much amorphous rhyme and meter, sticking in our heads for a lifetime or simply one Valentine's Day. Poets give voice to our feelings, our experiences, our moods better than we can, without our having to exert ourselves or expose our pain....more