The Art of Negotiation

This blog is dedicated to the Art Gallery Hiring Lady, whom I had the immense pleasure of interviewing with last week.  If I'm not mistaking, and I'm not, you were going to call me back last Friday, with a time and date for my second interview....more

For Father's Day: A Museum of One's Own Redux

In honor of Father's Day, I offer one of my favorite blog posts, A Museum of One's Own: Love Letter to The Nelson.  I do so because my father is the heart of that post and because he is visiting the Nelson today courtesy of my brother who is visiting from California.  My son will accompany them, so three generations of my family will stride the halls of that magnificent museum.  The v...more

a charmed view

A Museum of One's Own: Shuttlecocks and Roy

When I was growing up, my father traveled throughout the week and came home on weekends.  The last thing he wanted to do for summer vacation was pack up and leave again, so he would take a week off in the summer and stay home with us.  In fact, he might have inadvertently invented the staycation....more