Rose Window Geometry

Ah – the glories of learning off the computer! Could there be a more exhilarating way to see in a quick moment all the geometric wonders involved in those wonderful Cathedral windows of old? (Perhaps it is because I have learned to love Math so very much, that this is astounding to me!)...more

Gorgeous Works of Heart & Laundry - in Honor of Michelangelo

That's right! We have a big plan. Nothing quite as big as this, but big for us. We want to paint the ceiling of our laundry room in honor of Michelangelo's birthday, March 6th, 1475. This year the date sort of took us by surprise. All of a sudden, it was March 6th again....more

Angelina Eberly and her Cannon of Doom

My favourite statue in Austin is of the Lady Cannoneer, Angelina Eberly. There is something just brilliant about Angelina, standing stalwart by her cannon, ever vigilant in her quest to protect Austin from enemies unknown. Read more about Angelina Eberly, the "Saviour of Austin". ...more

Palladio and the tea trolley

It is August, so time for the newspapers and news programmes to be full of surveys – news, generally, being a bit thin on the ground – covering the spurious, the obvious, and the curious. The latest survey suggests that most office staff would like a tea break – even more, they want the tea trolley back Complete, presumably, with the tea lady? (It was always a tea lady.) ...more