On Strength and Weakness {Lent 2014}

I am not used to living in my own strength.   ...more

Three New Layouts

I have three new layouts to share with you today. Two of the layouts use photos from my childhood. The third is another art journaling piece.  One unique thing about all three of today's layouts was that they were all created using the new Page Candy Collab from Crafty Button Designs and Tracy Martin Designs (plus other stuff of course). ...more

Sneaking in art time

Since we finished the craft room, I have been trying to make a more conscious effort to do more art. Whether that is sewing, scrap-booking or painting it doesn't matter as long as I am spending time being creative.I have also been getting Mouse to focus on more creative outlets too. Letting her use whatever supplies she wants in the room to create. Trying not to say no when Mouse wants me to join her at times that are not the most convenient to me....more

New Year's Resolutions and Using Art Journals to Achieve Them

A few months ago, I wrote about my methods for art journaling here on BlogHer.  I started journaling summer of 2009, and have remained an avid journaler; during this time, I've been really pleased at how productive I've become, both in my day-to-day life and in therefore making strides toward achieving my long term goals.   And so this week, I thought I'd share some of my tips, particularly for those of you who might not yet journal (or are just starting out), that may help you stay focused on your New Year's resolutions for 2010....more

art journaling -- how I do it

While I was in Chicago for BlogHer this summer, I shared a hotel room with the amazing Jen Lee, one of the most beautiful writers I know in real life. As soon as we'd checked into our hotel, we wandered to a nearby grill for some much-needed lunch, and our conversation turned to journaling. ...more

Karen, this is awesome. Thanks for this topic.

Over the summer, I started doing some ...more