Healing the Wounds of Domestic Violence with Art

Art therapy has proved a useful mental health treatment for people who have experienced trauma, grief and loss, depression, chronic illness, substance abuse, and more. Would it work to heal the pain of domestic abuse? This is the story of a brave survivor who found solace and peace through her sketches. ...more
I appreciate your courage, demonstrated by creating the art that you did and by your willingness ...more

Using Art as a Prescription for Emotional Health

Art can be a balm to soothe the heart, soul and mind. Both viewing and creating art can affect the physical body in a way that can bring about mental and emotional healing. Have you ever found your self transfixed by a photograph, moved to tears by a painting, or reduced to a fit of giggles by a particularly good visual pun? Writer Shirfa Stein, in an article titled "The Healing Power of Art," reports: ...more