What Exactly Is Slow Love?

I'm frequently asked, What exactly is slow love? And I'm frequently stumped for a quick reply. How to explain something that is not a thing? It is, rather, a feeling; perhaps, even, a state of being, more a process, or an approach to life. But with the publication of my memoir, Slow Love: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, and Found Happiness, in paperback -- yippee! -- and with the sudden realization that I've been tending the Slow Love Life blog for more than a year -- wow! -- I thought I'd make a series of deliberate attempts to answer the question, So just what is slow love?...more
this resonates deeply with me and I completely agree with all of it. Well written and ...more

Lonely Rich Women

OK, I just know that I’m going to get a TON of unwanted hits based on that title. But, there’s something about a title that GRABS your attention. What – you thought I was going to introduce you to a bunch of lonely rich women? Now I KNOW you’ve wandered on to the wrong blog….LOL. ...more