How To Boil An Artichoke

An artichoke is a mystery. It looks like some sort of Audrey type plant, from Little Shop of Horrors. Sometimes I never know if one day it might open up and just start talking or take a snap at me. Although intimidating, it’s one of the easiest vegetables with complex layers to cook. There are many different methods of cooking as well. For now, we will simply dive into the easiest method of all...boiling an artichoke. ...more
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Omega-3 Happy Sardine & Artichoke Toasts

I recently saw my mother-in-law over an early dinner in Brooklyn Heights before they headed back to North Carolina, and there she confessed her love for sardines. As she has slimmed down and toned up in the last year she explained it was a result of a heavy vegetable and brain-food diet. And, oh, limited sugar…She eats sardines for lunch all the time but simply with just some raw vegetables and on a piece of toast. It got me thinking, especially because I love sardines, too. When I make them fresh, I grill them with salt, pepper and lemon, and let them be the star of the show....more

Whole Roasted Artichokes with Lemon Butter

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Artichokes Roasted in New Season Olive Oil

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Quinoa, Corn, Spinach, & Sundried Tomato Stuffed Artichokes

One of my favorite ways to enjoy the true flavor of artichokes is to just steam them and dip the leaves indulgently into melted butter with an added  squeeze of lemon–perfection. Stuffing artichokes  with buttery breadcrumbs, cheese, and herbs is pretty hard to beat too. While both of these options are delicious, they aren’t exactly what you would categorize with  #light ,  #healthy , #SummerBeachBody tags....more

Stuffed Artichokes Sicilian

Sicilian style artichokes are stuffed with a Romano cheese-bread crumb, garlic and parsley filling...and steamed until the filling melts (in your mouth)...and served with a seasoned vinegar dip.

Sunday Pasta®: Penne con Crema di Carciofo (Artichoke Puree)

The story of the artichoke should be heeded by my wonderful wife and women everywhere.  You see, a long time ago, in ancient Greece,  a beautiful woman named Cynara lived on the island of Zinari.  One day, when Zeus was there visiting his brother Poseidon, he saw Cynara and fell in l...more