Mammaries or Mommaries? A Lesson in Modern Misogyny

This is normally not something I will comment on, but I wrote this for another blog and thought I’d share it here. This isn’t just a parenting issue. I feel it affects all women!In the nanny world, you get exposed to a lot of parenting debates simply by proxy. I know more about parenting and children than I ever would know as a general childless person. As such, I find myself reading articles and blogs that have nothing really to do with my stage of life, and articles on the great breastfeeding debate are no exception....more

Woah There, Don't Call Me a Conservative Either

In his article for Forbes magazine, contributor Peter Farrera explains the controversy surrounding this whole birth control issue like this:...more
 @HomeRearedChef Thanks for reading with an open mind, Virginia.more

Permissive Parents: Beat your Brats

Okay, so maybe LZ Granderson said "Curb your Brats" in the title, but if you read even a bit of his obviously enhanced-for-web-traffic piece, you'll see that I'm not so far off.Granderson says he has an issue with parents unable or unwilling to discipline their children. If this were really the case, I'd back him up 100 percent. But that's not what I got from his unsubstatiated, anecdotal diatribe....more