Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Writing

If you're a writer, Pinterest could be the golden ticket for finding inspiration and ideas for your stories or articles. Check out the article Using Pinterest to Enhance Your Writing:   In this article, find out how to: -break writer's block -visualize characters and settings -find new writing ideas -learn about new writin...more

Getting your blog published on Yahoo News!

I am so stinkin' excited that one of my blog posts got picked up by Yahoo News! as an article. You can view it here. It's more interesting than the title might suggest, but it's not one of my better posts. That leaves me wondering: what are they looking for?...more

"Blogger" is Not a Four Letter Word

Since when did the word “blogger” take on the evil nuances of those colorful four-letter words that your parents taught you never to utter and threatened to wash your mouth out with soap if they ever heard them fly from your lips? It seems that everybody and their brother writes a blog these days, including me. I have no pretentions about what or who I am as a writer. I make no journalistic claims....more

I had just come hot off the press with my own take on this war of words ... and there you were ...more

How to Write (Better): 12 Steps for Writing a How-To Article

Writing a good how-to article is harder than most people think. I know this, because most of the how-to articles I come across on the internet are down-right terrible. They often assume a level of expertise that the reader does not possess or neglect to mention entire steps that would get the reader from step three to step four without causing them to rip out handfuls of hair. My how-tos, though, are quite fantastic, and I am here to tell you how to do it, so that when you decide to share your knowledge with the world, you can do it better than everyone else. ...more
You've made some good practical tips here and I'm going to add at least 2 of them to my How tos. ...more

Why Evernote Captivates My Heart!

Thanks Denise! Do you prefer to use the desktop app or go through the browser when you're ...more

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I tend to be a fairly verbose writer. My husband actually calls me “The Queen of Verbosity.” Yes, I can write a lot in a short amount of time. I admit it. ...more

What Expectations Do You Have of Your Website in These Difficult Times?

So you just put your site up or your current website is stalled and you are finding that you are nowhere to be found on the search engines — not even for your primary keywords. Let's not talk about the money and time invested to get the website developed. So now frustration sets in. In this article I will give you some quick on-page and off-page marketing tips to help get your website in shape and start producing. On-Page Marketing ...more