My Artist's Way Toolkit: Rediscovering the Joy in Writing

We're shaking things up this month in BlogHer Book Club! We're not reviewing a book, but we are reviewing something that's decidedly bookish. This month we're looking at a new subscription service from the creative mind of Julia Cameron. Have you read The Artist's Way and Cameron's other books? Have you loved her suggestions and recommendations but been able to quite get yourself to them? Then My Artist's Way Toolkit service (and app!) are just the thing for you. ...more
Julia Cameron's books are wonderful, but I tried the Artist's Way Toolkit and found it very ...more

In which Old Mother Porkchop went to the cupboard and found that the well was as dry as a bone

In which Old Mother Porkchop went to the cupboard and found that the well was dry as a bone Jack, Jill, no thrillToday we rowed merrily, merrily up Porkchop Hill, our little zinc-clad bucket rattling at our side. Dropping our pail into the well, we waited for the slap of tin on water. What we heard instead was a dry, empty clanging. ...more

Fabulous Artist Getaways for Fall 2008--Start Planning Now

If there's anything I've learned in being an artist, it's that downtime is essential to keep the creativity flowing. Too much order to my days, too many deadlines, too many routine obligations and little by little my will to create begins to collapse. Sometimes the perfect way to recharge is to take some time off to dive into a new medium where you can be a beginner again. If you are an artist in need of a break, here are a few key opportunities to keep in mind as you consider your future getaway options. ...more

Oh my, this sounds wonderful.

You started the entry off commenting on how artists can ...more