Fil-Am artist makes waves in the Carolinas

Edelweiss de Guzman with a sample of her handiwork The Filipino-American artist who has been drawing since she was three years old is making waves here in the Carolinas.An illustrator and a designer, Edelweiss De Guzman will be a featured artist at the Cabarrus County Arts Council starting this January 29....more

The magic pixie dust of perseverance

This morning I woke up early, knowing I had much to do.  There’s a book polish to dive into (and rewrites are always hardest), blogs to write, a new website to work on, two paintings to finish in my studio, rehearsals for a music duo performance, a travel article to write, and yoga teaching morning and night. And asked myself, “What keeps me in all this?  What makes me get focused, set aside the email, the phone calls, the neat-nicking around the house, and dial-down into my art mode?”...more

'Insist upon your life'

The folk singer Odetta, who died recently, once said that “One day while you’re walking down life’s road you may reach a fork, and at that fork you’ll have to insist upon your life, you must insist upon the human spirit that’s within you.”A number of years ago I came to that fork, and what I had to insist upon was my art. And since that decision, since becoming a working artist—I’ve tried to listen as closely as possible to that “human spirit” and its illuminating voice....more

Does Art Mirror Life?

Does Art Mirror Life or Life Mirror Art?Cynthia Ozick, the fabulous fiction writer was asked this question once in a speaking gig at the Los Angeles Library that I attended.  She laughed.  "Life INTERRUPTS art!" she quipped, and then proceeded to tell the story of how she was in the middle of the novel, ran into the kitchen, slipped on the faulty freezer's melted ice, and broke her wrist and couldn't write. ...more

Art: The path of love, not the path of duty

In college, every adult in my life was touting the same tagline: “Get a degree in business.  That’s what you’re going to need.”  “Business is where the money is.”  And though wanting a piece of the post-feminist, business-woman pie seemed the ticket to having an independent, self-assured life, business left me cold.  Even when I succeeded at it—which I did, early and before college—I felt no love for it....more

Spend What You Have

 "I will use that which I have.Whatever wisdom,creativity, and faith is mine----I will use it to its fullest extent.Knowing that when I use what I have been given, my Source, will amplify and increase….with more wisdom, creativity, and faith.I do not wait for more to begin my journey, to live my life, to use my gifts....more

Featured Artisan ~ Adore By Nat

Tuesday's Featured Artist is Adore By Nat. From the On Fire Team. ...more

Featured Artisan ~ Art by Tatiana Z

I am happy to be back featuring artists on Tuesdays! Today, meet Tatiana Z! ...more