So NOT Normal

Today is World Down Syndrome Day, and in honor of this I would like to dedicate this post to all the children who don't fit into the "normal" mold....more

Work Outfit Style

Hi ladies!Come read my Monday "Work Outfit Style" post!This particular outfit includes J.Crew, Gap, and Express clothes. It is also extremely comfortable and one that I recycle pretty regularly.<3...more

If Nudity is Artistic Expression, Who Owns the Body Used as Art?

Although the news is frequently disturbing, I still read the newspaper while I eat breakfast. On Friday morning, a news item caught my eye: an art gallery in New York's West Village is displaying a live naked woman. The title told me everything that I needed to know: Hey, Look! She's Naked! But It's Art, So It's All Right. ...more
oh, and with regard to this particular showing... I don't know the artist's intent with this ...more