Bleu Wave Photography by Jackie

Hello everyone,My name is Jackie and I am a photographer in Cocoa Beach, Florida. I will be posting pictures, tips, camera settings and guides to help you take better pictures everyday of your life. You will see that taking a perfect photo is a lot easier than you think........more

Expose Yourself: Unconditional Friendship

 “Expose Yourself” ...more

New to Blogging!

Well, I am giving blogging a try for the first time today and want to say Hello to everyone! I have set up a new shop to sell my photography on and would love you to drop in and check it out and then give me some feedback. I am selling prints, pre-made panels, notecards, and mouse pads as well as digital files on thumb drive ready to use on your digital photoframes and as computer screensavers. All of these would make excellent gifts! Let me know what you think. Thanks, Sheila ...more

Is this what it's like to be a model?

So, a couple of weeks ago Kevin and I got to be models for a day. In other words, we had our engagement photos taken. I really do love engagement photos in general. Sure they can be a little cheesy and disgustingly lovey-dovey, but overall I am a huge fan. Naturally, Chicago is a great place for pictures. We've got a stunning skyline, a fantastic downtown area and dozens of unique and wonderful neighborhoods. We chose to have our pictures taken in the Bucktown/Wicker Park area, known for its artsy appeal and a plethora of restaurants and bars....more
 @victorias_view Thanks so much! :)more

A "Vintage Bridal Shoot"...Taken Just A Bit Over The Top!

Friday morning as I prepared to once again leave for Dallas, to pick up Caitlin's wedding dresses and have her Bridal photos taken, I thought, "I once liked to 'Do It Myself'".  I was afraid that this wedding had perhaps drained every one of those creative juices from my body.  And if it had, I knew right where it had transfused my daughter! ...more

Turn Your Photography into Art with Free Programs on the Net my 100th post!!!!!!!!!!! thank you NaBloPoMo for inviting me :0) nevah thought it ...more

My Bucket List!

NaBloPoMo Day 19 I can’t believe I’ve made it this far, and I’ve only really had one day where I was at the point of “just write something, anything” right now at 10:00 pm.   Today I’m going to make a Bucket List. ...more
Just for you, Karen, I will blog and share a bucket list when I come back next year. I really ...more

Great news for this Aspiring Photographer!

Thursday, November 3, 2011My question of the day is, can I write as Dexter is on the tv! I saw this episode Sunday night, but the hubs fell asleep and is catching up.  I’m using this opportunity to write today’s NaBloPoMo, as he’s deeply engrossed in the show.  ...more
@elaineR.N. thanks Elaine :) I still don't know which photo they chose. but i'm hoping for a ...more