On Food, Love, and Artistry

Some people think I'm a food snob because I tend to sigh when they invite me to Cheesecake Factory or Outback for dinner. I know, sighing is a bit passive-aggressive, and I really should learn to be more agreeable.  I don't want to be one of those condescending food people who holds court about the evil of chain restaurants and fast food and waxes eloquent - at length - about esoteric food items they want you to know they love, from escarole to bún măng vịt (whatever that is)....more

I Wish I Could Sew Like My Mother - Tribute 1

Sewing, being stylish, and decorating were/are the arenas in which my mother showed her creativity...strutted her stuff!  When I was growing up, my mother sewed all of my, my sister's, and her clothes.  She also made suits for my brother until he went to middle school. ...more