Art Bloggers to Read Now

Art can amuse, heal and sometimes reflect -- for better or worse -- our true nature. A work of art can stay with you long after a reality show has ended. This is my open invitation for you to mentally switch the channel to art. These are a few of the many art review and artist blogs that are waiting to be explored. ...more
I'm an artist, but I don't blog about my own work anymore. My blog is a source of inspiration ...more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: and Horse Whisperers

I’ve discovered something humorous today on this honeymoon for one. Many of the people I meet here are travelers, just passing through - and with little time to waste before parting ways, we tend to open up to each other very quickly. I might spend an entire night engaged in deep, philosophical conversation with someone - from the US, Britain, Australia, Canada - and by the time that person leaves, we know each other better than many long-time friends back in our home countries....more

Mia Pratt's Honeymoon for One: Skinnydipping at Midnight in Ajijic

I just finished skinnydipping in the dark at a secluded villa here in Ajijic, where I will be staying for the next three weeks. I wrap myself in a giant towel, dry my hands, and begin to write. This amazing property belongs a pair of friends I met last year as they were passing through the Nahua Indian fishing village where I was living; we became acquainted, and they invited me to come house sit for them at their estate in Ajijic while they returned to the US for a month. I accepted, and within days of my arrival at their home here in Ajijic last April, I fell in love....more

In the Name of the Father

When I was seven, my dad was my light.  My parents divorced, and he and I ended up living in a small apartment.  Our meals alternated between the scrumptious fare on offer at Wienerschnitzel and Winchell’s and while eating chili dogs and chocolate donuts with rainbow sprinkles, we’d listen to Tom Petty, Bob Dylan and Minnie Riperton. ...more

A peek into an artist's blogroll

I've mentioned before my addiction to art and design -- it's a sickness, really.  I follow about 200 blogs daily, and a considerable percentage of them are written by artists.  When you follow that many, you start to think, of course, you've cornered the market on great artist's blogs, until you start to realize that's a pretty arrogant mindset, given that there are just so many artists and so many blogs out there....more

Great resource.  I am happy to find 2 or 3 Things' blog.  Cerre has a simple ...more

Three artists you should meet

I am no artist.  Don't get me wrong:  I'm a photographer, and feel pretty comfortable with my ability to capture a pretty picture, but ask me to draw a face, and you'll wonder how I ever passed Kindergarten art class.  It's really quite stunning to me that I'm able to take pictures from all sorts of angles and perspectives, but ask me to draw a building from any sort of perspective other than straight on, I'm at a loss. ...more

There are plenty of people who can make a decent likeness or at least make a face look like a ...more

Emily Dickinson Was My First Hero

Sometimes I stay in my metaphorical writing closet, hiding from the rest of the world. There's a handful of people who know I'm a poet, because I sometimes read in public. I also had a blog on MySpace for about two years, and was gaining readers there. It was a creative blog. I wrote as a fictional character. But I didn't want to be on MySpace anymore, for a variety of reasons, so I closed my account. I returned to my metaphorical closet. ...more

Artists and designers and photographers at BlogHer (oh my!)

So, there's this rumour going around that this weekend, Chicago is going to be the site of a gimongous blogging conference -- one of the biggest in the world.  Have you heard this?  Apparently bloggers who are artists, and designers and photobloggers and writers and other creative, politically active, socially aware types from all over the world will be in town. Are you going? ...more

I wish I could be there! Have fun...I can't wait to hear all about it!more