Art bloggers in a New York state of mind

As I type this, late on a Wednesday evening, I'm safely ensconced in a little studio apartment in the East Village of New York City.  My daughter is asleep on an unfolded futon, my husband is surfing the web next to me.  We've just spent the day with friends in various park playgrounds, capping it off with a delicious meal in a local New York restaurant, and a delicious chai tea in a tiny little coffee house on a quiet little residential street. I could get use to living in the Big Apple, I think. ...more

Attendance Is Great At Summer Art Fairs But Few Are Carrying Anything Away

Given that I live a stone's throw from the Stone Arch Festival of the Arts, it was virtually impossible for me not to attend. The festival is held on the morning route I take for walking my dog. ...more

The art of illustrators

When I was a child, I used to read a lot.  A lot.  I remember on several occasions my mother looking over at me sitting in a corner with my head buried in a book, and pleading, “Child go OUTSIDE.  Get some fresh air, for God’s sake!”  And so, to appease her, I would close my book, go outside, sit under a tree, and open my book again. I suspect that doing so wasn’t exactly what she had in mind. ...more

I actually miss illustrations in adult books, past the cover, anyway. Even little chapter ...more

Think Small. Artists Creating Mini Paintings To Survive During The Recession

Recently my friend Aaron was telling me about an artist friend of his who recently held her own stimulus art show. Instead of showing her regular art which used to fetch up to $20,000 a canvas, she held a show featuring miniature paintings --all going for $100. She sold out. As she told Aaron,'just about everyone can afford to spend $100 on a splurge.' Depending on your point of view she is either a survivor or a sell-out. Throughout the country, galleries are having conversations with the artists they represent and encouraging them to create smaller pieces. ...more

 What I should have said is that the idea of of using small paintings to market an artist's ...more

Art: an amateur collector's view

About seven years ago, my husband and I were invited to my friend Josette's house for dinner.  It was the second time I'd been to her home, and I couldn't wait to go:  her home was just so soulful.  It wasn't a very large house -- downright tiny, by Texas standards -- but it was decorated so beautifully; and, most importantly, it was teeming with some of the most beautiful art I'd ever seen. We arrived that night, and soon after we were given our first glass of wine, I asked Josette if I could snoop around a bit. ...more

-- but could I invite you to please link back to this original post? Thanks in advance. ...more

In Her Own Image - THE BOOK - It's here!!

A few months ago I blogged my participation in a wonderful new book by the Female Self-Portrait Artists' Support Group...well, the book is finally here and available for purchase! ...more

Obama Inspired Artshow LIVE NOW at - All Original Artworks Inspired by Barack Obama

Over 15 artists created original artworks inspired by Barack Obama - over 30 original works. We're broadcasting live from right now! Check it out, tell your friends, and enjoy this momentous occassion for America. visit ...more

Artist Must-Haves before Uncle Sam Gets You

It's down to the wire and if you're a freelance artist like myself, you're scrambling to find the best buys to beef up your studio in order to send less to Uncle Sam come April 15th. Wondering what might be a good tax write off and also send your business soaring? Here's my list of must-haves between now and when the gong strikes twelve. ...more

I've just invested in the iTouch.

While it's been touted as another iPod, that only becomes ...more

Call for Contributions - FREE PROMOS for Artists and Arts Writers

Skanky Jane's Bargain Box will publish your images and (visual culture themed) opinion pieces, rants, exhibition reviews and promos, academic essays, posers, poetry, creative prose, humour, and blog reviews/promos. You name it - it's a veritable Bargain Box full o' art! Whether you're a newbie or a pro... Skanky Jane's Bargain Box can accommodate! Be it anonymity or a personality cult you're after and whether it be for exposure, fun, Google-juice, or just for the hell of it, Skanky Jane has the box for you! ...more