Relationship Lessons In Kindergarten: Will You Be My Girlfriend?

Our sport fertility vehicle (mini van) serves as our thought bubble. At any moment it becomes a confessional, a counseling office, an advisory committee office, or an executive suite. Who knew that upon buying this minivan it would serve so many mental and emotional purposes for our family. ...more

Body Wisdom

Today's writing prompt is:  "Something my body (or someone else's) has taught me."  Dena Hobbs, yoga instructor and author of "Lighten the Darkness:  An Advent Journey Through Hope" thought this one up and I'm glad she did!...more


i was so busy last week that i forgot to snap some instagram. let me explain... my oldest is trying out for the high school cheer team (never you mind the fact that she's going to be a freshman in the fall - i'm still 27 and always will be). numbers alone prove there is a 50% chance for her to make the squad. exhale. so she has been working her tail off to hopefully make it, because she absolutely loves it. i can't tell you how she just lights up every time she performs....more

Are We There Yet? Nope.

Sometimes I have to remind myself that it is W. we are talking about here. My eldest son was born 18 years ago this week. He was a normal weight and hit most of his milestones as he grew with a couple of exceptions. The child didn’t get his first tooth until he was nearly 10 months old and didn’t bother to walk until the 14 month mark. I, of course, expressed concern. He was bright as could be, very verbal and engaged so his mental capabilities were not an issue, his doctor said. Then he went on to tell me about what he called “bone age.” ...more

Gains and Losses

Here's another one of those perfect winter things.  When the snow on bare branches looks like this:  ...more

Holding Down the Fort (In Defense of Mothering)

Balancing my life seems like a constant challenge. How does one juggle all the things one must do in the normal course of a day. I get  incredulous looks when I set boundaries with others with what my large family can and cannot commit to, as every good mother knows what everyone else in the family says yes to involves some sort of commitment from parents!. I sometimes get the feeling saying "I have seven kids" is not reason enough to say no in life. I just love the insinuation that I use  it as an excuse to somehow sit at home on my couch eating bon bons!...more

Motherly Advice

The Best of Motherly Law Part III Based on the survey results, the Motherly Advice about respecting another...more

Motherly Advice

I hold these truths to be self-evident, that all parents and kids are not created eq...more