Addicted to Michael's

For those who don’t know Michaels, the arts and crafts store, your wallet is safer. Their slogan is “Where Creativity Happens,” but for me, it’s “Where Losing All Restraint Happens.” ...more

How to Start Your Own Lifestyle Blog

With my lifestyle blog, I don't have to be an expert in anything as I am free to write about anything that appeals to me. I don't have to share every detail of my life, so I can choose the theme according to my mood, which can range from arts and crafts, interior design, family life, cooking and recipes. ...more
Excellent advice, thank you. I've been a blogger for years, but I'm not going down the ...more

Day 21 - What's Next?

 I loved the TV show "The West Wing" for many reasons.Today, o...more

Mess-Free, Screen-Free Activities For Kids

Anne KimballLife on the Funny FarmToday I have a guest post for you from Nancy Parker. She has written up a wonderful post on Screen-Free Holiday Crafts for Kids. Take it away, Nancy!...more

Bangle Holder from Tiny Vases

I am starting off with a project that I made for T. When my sister visited us she brought lot of bangles for T and S. Thas a penchant for traditional Indian costume jewelry and loves to collect and wear them during our important festivals. My sister loves to indulge her and does not believe in saying no to her....more

Outdoor summer art activities

 The other day temps were in the mid 80's and the last thing the tot and I wanted to do was anything in the house. Sure, it's always fun to bring markers and crayons outdoors, but there are also lots of fun ways to get crafty with summer outdoor art activities that keep everyone cool. Along with helping hone fine-motor skills, these toddler tested (and approved!) projects can be done over and over and over and over.......more

Fine Motor Skills, Clothespin Style

Confession:  I haven't put a whole lot of effort into developing my kids' fine motor skills.  I figure, they can eat, they can play, they can tickle, that's good, right?  I mean, I never remember consciously working on my fine motor skills and I'm pretty dexterous.  So what if Jax can't put his clothes on or pull them off?  I guess we probably should work on that a bit....more

Sometimes you need to dismantle a book to really enjoy it!

 The other day the kids and I ended up at the bookstore instead of the library. There was a book there that caught my eye immediately, for the beautiful graphics and the color palette on the cover....more