Easy Breezy Art Project for the Un-Crafty

Before I became a parent, I imagined myself being the ultimate collector of every single art supply item known to man....more

Traditional Paper Snowflakes - A Tutorial.

Maybe you're awesome, and have never forget things from your childhood. Or maybe you were just blessed with the elephant memory. I'm not one of those. Kindergarten wasn't thaaaat long ago, and still, this year when I decided to make the paper snowflakes I learned to make in Kindergarten...I couldn't remember. So just in case you don't remember how to make these either, here's how. What thou needest:Circular lids of various sizesPenSheets of normal printing paperScissors...more
We are looking for some creative ideas to give to our customers for the holidays. So this gets ...more

Draw a monster today

It's hot! It's stormy! Perfect time to draw a monster.  I call it monster therapy. Gather a bunch of markers or crayons and some paper--any size. Even small Post-It Notes work great. ...more

Handmade Christmas ornaments

In anticipation of getting our first Christmas-tree-with-child, I totally admit to having some concern that the tree will just be a glowing full-of-lights tree devoid of any ornaments. We have some lovely ornaments from my husband's side of the family and I would hate for this to be the year that they were no longer family heirlooms....more