Ever feel void of feelings when Christmas rolls around? Usually I have lots of Christmas spirit but this year ... nothing. It doesn't feel like Christmas at all. I'm not depressed just blah. I haven't even gotten a tree yet and usually get my tree shortly after Thanksgiving! What is going on? We were thinking of getting a live tree so that after the Holidays we could plant it outside but no one is selling them around here. ...more

Memories Handmade with Love

After an extended trip visiting my in-laws overseas for the last couple of weeks, my family and I gratefully stumbled into our home this past weekend, ready to get back to our normal routine. Traveling is fun, but there's just something about slipping between the sheets of your own bed once you return, you know? Of course, we've returned to our home by running headlong into the start of the holiday season, and I have to admit, I've been sort of caught unawares. And now that my daughter Alex is 4-1/2, and has a strong understanding of the Christmas season, I find myself really focused on creating tradition this year. We've already put up our tree and taken our annual Family Portrait in a Christmas Ball (shown above), but this year, more than ever, I dream of filling the house with the smells of Christmas baking, making handmade ornaments and creating memories which will last Alex's lifetime ... ...more

I love that photo.  It's great!

I did an album for years, but it fell apart in the past ...more

Creating Soy Candles in Easy Steps

You can learn to create candles out of soy in just a few easy steps. It’s easy and, best of all, soy is a sustainable alternative to paraffin candles. Soy wax has a lower flash point and can be melted at a lower temperature. It also cleans up easily in soap and water. The elements required to create your soy candle are as follows: •    Soy wax - flaked soy wax is the easiest to use and I purchase mine from Kentucky Candle Wax Supply, Inc.•    A container - I use my own handmade pottery ...more

On Hatred of All Things Crafty

When the idea for a family gift exchange first came up this year, my initial response was, "Wait. I'm poor. I can't afford Christmas." And then I thought, "OOH! Unless we did a CRAFT exchange in which we gave homemade arts and crafts to each other." And then I laughed. I am NOT a crafty person. Nor am I a "do it yourself" sort of person. ...more

I get my "awesome" (or lack of) craft-skill from my mom.  I am with you, I would ...more

Living Nicely!

To blog or not to blog...blahg, blahg, blahg...After mulling around in the muck and mire of indecision, I have decided to jump into the blogpool and fill more virtual space with my mundane take on Life, or to be specific: Living Nicely! Firmly believing that everything has been said and done somewhere, by someone, I have no expectations of originality or uniqueness for this blog...however, I do believe that even though someone else has been there and done that, it doesn't hurt to try to do it better! ...more

Grandkid's Christmas Day Camp

As a grandma i am very involved in the lives of my grandchildren. I regularily plan activities that will enrich their little lives. My goal is to strenthen the bond between them and I, and between themselves as cousins. Every December as part of our familie's HO....HO...HO...liday Schedule I plan a 12 hour Christmas Day Camp for my grandchildren. This gives the 3 sets of parents a full day to do some shopping, giftwrapping, or whatever they choose to do with the time. ...more

The High School Memory Blanket

What can you do with 25 high school T shirts that cannot be worn in college because it isn't "cool"? 25 times $15 equals $375.00 of clothing that's outdated !!!! You cut out the centers, all the same size and make a blanket! We worked as a team on this. About 25% of my advice was accepted and used -Pretty good for a teen and Mom project. ( 75% of what I suggested was DUMB) Of course ALL of her ideas were the best! (wink-wink) ...more

Pretty Sassy Straw Purse

Time for a new fun craft for Tweens and Moms! I picked up these very cute straw purses at the dollar store. They were lined with fabric and Only One Dollar - how do they make them so cheap? ...more

It's So Etsy: Handmade Red Sun Night Light

A beautiful night light for your kitchen or any place you want to add a festive glow. ...more