White Marble Is The New Black

At the door, it’s the usual scene: a scepter-wielding dictator flanked by a scrum of battling barbarians. Inside, the stone-faced rich and powerful mix with half-naked youths showing off their chiseled physiques. There’s even a lovely young boy offering a basket of fruit and, off in the corner, a sleeping hermaphrodite. The fashion crowd should feel right at home. ...more

Poem ~ Willow World ~

I cannot hold you nearFar away you standUpon the shore of sanctuaryInto the dusty landFrom whence the rumble cameThe fire in your bloodStirred in the dreams of all you keepDrowned in the words of love...more

How I Write - 4 Things That Keep Me Going

How I Write - 4 Things That Keep Me Goingby Lady Elizabeth Tullos     When I began to write, I wanted to know how others did it.  It just seemed like a conundrum.  Well, here is how I finally figured out what I was supposed to do.  It may not be how you are supposed to write, but it could help you get started....more
Susanf How did you venture to ed2go turn out?more

The Countess of Westmorland returns to Osterley Park, West London

Isn't she a beauty? A perfect Georgian Rose. Sarah Anne Child was one of the wealthiest heiresses of her day, an eighteenth century Christina Onassis, and she used to live just down the road from me in Osterley Park.   ...more

Performance Anxiety

I can't do it. There will be professional artists in the audience.What if they see how amateurish I am?I've never taken an art class. Ever. I may be an artist, but I am not a skilled artist.These are the thoughts that raced through my mind when the associate pastor at the church we've been attending asked me to paint during the worship service.However, you could really insert this conversation into my head any time someone asked me to perform a skill.Case in point:...more