How People Around the World Define Autism

Autism seems almost too complex to define. It is difficult to put words into a huge term. I have heard many sources incorrectly define the term, most stating usual stereotypes. Many people I spoke with were unable to define the term, stating that was too difficult of something to define....more

Predicting happiness of couples raising an autistic child

What makes some couples who are raising a child with autism get divorced, while others thrive? Researchers at the University of Miami did some analysis of couples to find out.The scientists looked at things like:1. the impact of optimism (as an individual trait)2. social support3. spousal support4. coping styles5. benefit finding ("the bright side"?)They found that:1. Mothers had more social and instrumental support (vs. fathers)2. Moms and dads didn't differ in terms of partner support, optimism or relationship satisfaction...more

Autism symptoms may be influenced by GI content

A new study using mice has found that dietary glycemic index could play a major role on autism symptoms.In the study, researchers found that mice (specially bred to have autism) following a high-GI diet exhibited the expected symptoms of autism, including repetitive actions and impaired social interactions.The mice also had less doublecortin in their brains; especially the region associated with memory. This is a protein indicator of newly developing neurons. ...more

Don't panic! He's just a non-verbal fournager.

In two days we go for the peanut's ASD assessment. This will be the first time that he has been evaluated by a professional who can (hopefully) tell us if his speech/language delay is in the normal range, or if it is part of a larger developmental problem....more

Why girls often get diagnosed with autism later than boys

If you have a daughter (or other female relative) who is on the autism spectrum, you can probably figure out why girls often get diagnosed later than boys.A team of researchers at the Interactive Autism Network at Kennedy Krieger analyzed data from thousands of children with ASD and found that the symptoms differ by gender. Specifically:1. Girls struggled more with the ability to interpret social cues (though boys ages 10-15 were more likely than girls the same age to struggle with them)....more

Autism improved by antiobiotics in some children

A man named John Rodakis saw significant improvements in his son's autism symptoms within 4 days of taking a 10-day course of amoxicillin.According to the father, the boy:1. started making eye contact (which he had previously avoided)2. had markedly improved speech (which was severely delayed)3. became less "rigid" in his demands to keep routines and sameness 4. had an enormous amount of energy, which he had "historically lacked"...more

New discovery in autism and language development differences

Why do some children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) go on to develop good language and conversation skills but others don't? That's a question scientists wanted to answer.Researchers at the autism center of excellence, which is part of the UC San Diego School of Medicine, studied 60 infants and toddlers with ASD and 43 that did not have it (control group).They used natural sleep fMRI methods to look at the kids' brain activity while they listened to excerpts from children's stories. ...more

Higher IQ and autism genes are linked

A new study from scientists at the Universities of Edinburgh and Queensland tested 10,000 people in Scotland for general cognitive ability and analyzed their DNA.The researchers found that people carrying genetic traits associated with autism spectrum disorder (even if they never develop autism), on average, scored slightly better on cognitive tests.Research on 921 adolscents in the Brisbane Adloscent Twin Study (don't ask me why it's an odd number if they're studying twins) found similar results. There was evidence of a link between IQ and autism-associated genes....more

10 Things Parents Of Children With Autism Want You To Know

If you’re not a member of the autism club, there are a few things that us card-carrying members would like you to know. It’s a pretty exclusive club and we realize it can be tough for those who aren’t on the inside to appreciate and understand us. But if you’re not a member and you’re reading this post, then you’re pretty awesome because at least you’re trying to figure out what we’re all about. So here’s a list of ten things we would like you to know. Why ten? That seems to be the going list standard these days. So ten it is, and here they are: ...more
Alamadiri  It's sad that some people are like that. But they are the ones missing out on the ...more

Fragile X study may have found new autism treatment

Of the genetic casues of autism spectrum disorders (ASD), Fragile X Syndrome is themost common. It affects about 1 in 6,000 girls and 1 in 4,000 boys. Researchers have discovered that a cancer drug may be able to reverse behavioral symptoms associated with Fragile X.  More specifically they found that cercosporamide (a naturally occurring anti-fungal) improves socialbility in mice.It's a bit complicated, but if you like that sort of stuff, read more HERE: