Treating infants with autism may prevent further symptoms

It's a pretty big claim, but one that Infant Start developer Sally J. Rogers stands by.The theory was that the sooner therapy begins, the better the chances of preventing the full onset of symptoms. In this case, the therapy/treatment is provided at home and focuses on interactions between the parent and child during everday routines. ...more

New study on autism and driving

Have you ever been curious what it's like to be on the autism scale and driving? A new study gives us some very interesting insight from this perspective. Researchers at Drexel had adults on the ASD (and a non-ASD control group) do self-resporting on their driving experience. Here's what they found:- Adults on the autism spectrum earned their drivers' licenses at a later age- Adults on the autism spectrum drove less frequently...more

Children of women exposed to pesticides during pregnancy are two-thirds more likely to have autism

Pesticides have been implicated in a variety of birth defects for a while now, but this new research using data from the California Pesticide Use Report found a strong link to kids born with autism or developmental delay.Researchers from the MIND Institute at the University of California-Davis tied autism risks to how close a pregnant woman lives to fields and farms where chemical pesticides are applied. In fact, it increased the risk by two-thirds!The most commonly used pesticides were organophosphates, and pyrethroids were second. Carbamates were also included....more
Sometimes studies reflect, finally, what many mothers know. It's a challenging place to be. When ...more

Symptoms of autism REVERSED in mice by 100-year-old drug

NOW THIS is pretty interesting. Researchers at the University of California-San Diego School of Medicine have found a way to reverse the symptoms of autism in mice (which are actually very similar to humans in brain structure).Using a 100-year-old drug called "suramin," which used to be used to treat something called "African sleeping sickness," they blocked the signaling pathway of damaged cells. ...more

Minority children with autism developmentally regress more

New research presented at the Pediatric Academic Societies annual meeting in May 2014 indicates that black and Hispanic children with autism tend to developmentally regress more often than white children with autism.They define development regression in this case as loss of language, motor or social skills - usually after the child seemed to be developing normally for some time.The study used medical (and demographic) info on 1,353 preschool-age children with autism in Canada and the U.S....more

A family of Auties

I have suffered depression for a number of years and my children have always been difficult or had difficulties during their lives.  I have now been diagnosed with Aspergers and one of my daughters has now neen diagnosed with ASD.  I do believe that we all have ASD and my other children should have the opportunity to be assessed should they wish to.  It appears to be a mixed blessing, i cried for days when i found out and so did my 12 year old.  It explains a lot to us but on the other hand it has left us feeling helpless and wondering what to do.  Where do we go fr...more

This may explain why children with autism "withdraw into themselves"

Neuroscientists have discovered that the brains of children with autism generate 42% more information at rest than their non-autistic peers. This may explain why children with autism are less interested in social interaction (which may over-stimulate them)....more

How imaginary helpers improves well-being of children with autism

Researchers have designed a technique that helps children with autism  (especially those who are high-functioning) improve their mental well-being.Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the basis for the technique, which has the children creating imaginary "homunculi" characters to help them cope with real-life problems.The children are instructed to "recruit" the human-like tiny creatures in the brain and give them problem-solving assignments and gadgets to tackle upsetting feelings, thoughts and behaviors....more

Autism linked to mother's antibodies

A new study of 2,700 mothers of kids with autism found that about 1 in 10 mothers have antibodies that react with the proteins in their baby's brain.So why don't those antibodies hurt the mother's brain? Because the blood-brain barrier in the adult women prevents it. but that same filter isn't yet well developed in fetuses. So the antibodies pass through, harm the babies brain and (may) cause autism.So obviously, that's not the cause of autism for all babies. But 10% is a pretty high percentage still.Here's what I read:...more

Horribly offensive and mean letter to family of boy with autism

If you haven't heard about this yet, make sure you're sitting down. It's the ugliest, most offensive letter to date from unhappy neighbors. Worse than the "your wheelchair ramp is going to make our property value go down" people who live in my city. SERIOUSLY. ...more