Different Treatments - Different Kids?

Parents fighting over treatments on Twitter?? What works for you may not work for others ...   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com     ...more

New Entry - Myths about ABA

New Blog Entry - Myths about ABA   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com  ...more

New Blog - Diary of Behavior Therapist

Check out my new blog .... Life and Wit ... the diary of a Behavior Therapist   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com  ...more

Begin with a Smile

Last week I was driving along the zig-zag roads that climb and descend the Green Mountains to a Build Your Family workshop that I was giving to a bunch of parents.  During the drive I replay my six hour workshop in my head, sometimes quizzing myself about the sections and going through the possible questions I would be asked.  I do all this to squash the fear that someone may fall asleep as I explain the need to come ...more

The Holiday Season is Knocking

As we trotted down the front steps to our blue mini-van the snow flakes twirled around our heads landing on the leaves and melting, but soon the white puffs will stay and our home will fill with a balsam fir and smell of sugar cookies. With a grin across his face, Tristan lowered his voice and asked, "When will Santa come?" ...more

Part Three: How We Got Here...

This blog post is the third part of a three part series, so if you would like to read the first part click here, Autism Speaks, Jenny McCarthy, and others, thank you, now let's create an inclusive movement and the second part is here, Let Me Explain. ...more

Thanks, I just checked out the article, very interesting!  Thanks for reading.  ~Angelamore

Let Me Explain...

O.k., so after my Jenny McCarthy and Autism Speaks blog post I have gotten emails and posts and I think I need to spend more time talking about the need for an inclusion movement. Let me step back and tell how we got here — the autism universe. ...more

Autism Speaks, Jenny McCarhty, and others: thank you, now let's create a movement towards acceptance

Having autism in the lime light has raised more money for ASD research and grants along with informing the public of early intervention and detection, however I am not sure the latest news segments about how to cure your child of autism, supports families in the long-run. We all are — "Warrior Families" plugging along trying to provide for our children while parenting them to reach their potential. ...more

Autism Spectrum: So many questions…looking for the answers

Towards the middle of my undergraduate career, I began to become increasingly aware of autism and the challenge presented to countless children and families to unlock the mystery behind the diagnosis. I recall reading Barry Kaufman’s Son-Rise. As I remember, the book spoke from a perspective of integrating one’s self into the world of the child with autism and slowly drawing him or her into the greater world over time. ...more