Emotional Regulation

Yesterday's blog post sparked a hot debate on the Parenting Autism Facebook page about tantrums and melt-downs and the fact I wrote about Liam (typical son), not Tristan (son with autism).  I would like to thank Missy, Angela, Jen, Jill, Iris, Rachel, Brenda, Kim, Libby, and Grace for a great debate, woo-hoo!  I love it....more

How Temple Grandin Changed My Parenting

I posted a link to a TED talk that Temple Grandin gave in February on the ...more

Autism: The Diagnosis

I sit here on a Saturday afternoon, while my wonderful husband is out and about with both tots. Eamon visited with a neurodevelopmental pediatrician just this past Wednesday. We had to pay out of pocket for this visit as he was the only doctor in the tri-state area that did not have a waiting list 2 years long or a "not accepting new patients" message. He was wonderfully informative, answered all my questions, and will continue to serve as a great resource. We will receive an official report with recommendations in about 10 days, but he did give me the diagnosis....more

Enhancing Handwriting Skills For Your Child with ASD

It is not uncommon for children with ASD to struggle with handwriting, my son included. Handwriting is not a reflection of the overall academic capacity of these children, however children with high functioning autism may experience academic and social challenges as a result of poor handwriting. Whether your child is at school or being homeschooled, there are special tools and techniques to enhance handwriting skills that can be incorporated into daily activities. ...more

Interview: Autism Parent Jean Winegardner of Stimeyland

Jean Winegardner, a.k.a. Stimey, is a mother to three boys, one of whom -- Jack -- has an autism diagnosis. She is empathetic, endlessly entertaining, and a fine writer. Many autism parenting bloggers identify with Jean, and feel about her the way the younger sister felt about Julia Roberts' character in the movie Notting Hill -- that she is destined to be Our Very Best Friend. Though Jean shares herself and her stories at DC Metro Moms Blog and Washington Times Communities as well as on her personal site Stimeyland, I know some of you want more. Read on. ...more

Jean, you are so articulate, smart, and thoughtful.

Thanks for the great interview, ...more

Thinking Like an Aspie or the Real Uses for a Piano

Our weekends have become a festival of stone, brick and mortor. The husband has decided to build walls. He has fixed the flagstone steps and built a wall holding back the mulch from falling over onto his beautiful new steps. But now he has decided to create brick and mortor edgings in the backyard creating yet another architectural landscape. In fact between the fences, stone walls, and hedgings we are very well protected from any invading hordes of Goths and Vandals. But for some reason it got me to thinking about archaeologists....more

Autism, Your Child, and Amusement Parks ...

Does your child find amusement parks overwhelming? New blog entry ...   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com  ...more

Visual processing issues contribute to autism symptoms?

http://www.medicalnewstoday.com/articles/159878.php ...more

Different Treatments - Different Kids?

Parents fighting over treatments on Twitter?? What works for you may not work for others ...   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com     ...more

New Entry - Myths about ABA

New Blog Entry - Myths about ABA   http://lifeandwit.blogspot.com  ...more