Diane, 56, Is Asexual With Lesbian Leanings and a Writer #AMPLIFY

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Being Asexual in a Heteronormative World

Heteronormativity, by definition, is basically the principle that in our culture, heterosexuality is the norm and any deviations from it, be it homosexuality or asexuality or anything else, are in the excluded minority and are every day forced to live in a culture that isn’t ours but is increasingly forced upon us. Take it from an asexual (ace): Living in a very heteronormative and increasingly sex-enthusiastic culture is very isolating if you don’t conform to it....more
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Phases Keep Coming back

I have reached the 2 year mark with my boyfriend.  In the beginning we had good sex.  Maybe it was because I dressed up in corsets and stockings.  Friday night we would sometimes just dress up to have sex.  I would drive out to come see him, that was before I started taking the train.  He would like me to wear my 'altered stockings,' the ones with the hole in the crotch.  Then we started having relationship problems, we would start breaking up every once in a while because of my bi polar, or well my behavior and life problems were just too much for him....more

Asexual and about to be in a polyamorous relationship

I always knew things were weird.  Like I mean that I was different.  An alienation feeling.  And it's not because I am a lesbian or that I'm gay because in fact I am not even bisexual I am straight.  I don't want to be a boy or anything, I feel fine in my own body too.  I found out basically what the feeling was and meant just last year in 2012.  Alienation.  I was asexual.  And I kind of don't understand affection.If that's what it means to be asexual....more
My husband and I (of almost 20yrs) have been living in an open marriage for about two years. It ...more

I'm an Asexual Lesbian

I identify as an asexual lesbian. It took me around 47 years to figure that out. ...more
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Sexual Education - Can Sex Ed Save Us From Ourselves?

It is the last week of National Masturbation Month.  I remember when Masturbation for Peace first came to my attention.  Ah, good times for a good cause. Anyway, I have been thinking about sex and sexuality. Particularly this day in California with a ruling on Proposition 8. My fear is that our collective ignorance and intolerance about sexuality is literally killing our children and will continue to do so. It is not doing the grown folks much good either. ...more

I envy your daughter's delight in discovering new parts and things to show. I know why we had to ...more