Cancer Sisters and the Scene By the Sea

As a pastor’s family, we are often given the honor of being involved in the different passages of life that affect various members of our congregation. Ten days ago, one of those passages came in the form of a memorial service for a church member’s daughter, Allison, who died of brain cancer at the age of forty-seven. She left behind a daughter in her teens and a son in his twenties. ...more

I really appreciated being able to read about Allison and the beautiful way in which you and ...more

Words in a Row: Shattered

A young man I know fell off an outcropping of granite this summer, fell eight vertical feet, fell into a six-week land of cast and crutch and exotic metal pins. Shattered tibia. Surgery. June plans as broken, as painful as his swollen skin. I wanted to sign his cast, the blue sheath that hid the parallel scars, but he refused my pen. "I don't want any signatures. I just want everyone to leave me alone." ...more

It could never happen to me… that was what I thought. Twelve hours ago I was told I was to lose ...more