Dr. Chun spearheads 2014 Asian Festival in Charlotte

IT was entertaining to look at the leader who started the Asian festival 14 years in the Carolinas dancing up a storm yesterday.Dr. Ki-Hyun Chun of Chun Industries whose businesses include the Asian Herald was dancing to Silver Moon Rising's rendition of that classic disco song “I Will Survive” inside a makeshift building along with many others....more

Dear Graffiti Artist David Choe: "Yes With Her Eyes" Is Rape

Trigger alert: This post contains a graphic description of non-consensual sex. On his podcast, DVDASA, graffiti artist David Choe recounted his latest “sexual conquest”—one that sounds disturbingly close to rape, whether or not it was a made-up story....more
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Asian Pride and Our Heavenly Citizenship

"Do you like being an Asian, Meg?" I asked my preteen daughter as we enjoyed Japanese-style hot pot dish shabu shabu at a hip restaurant in town. All of the workers are Asian -- Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, or some sort of a mix -- although they probably all primarily speak English. More importantly, they are attractive young men and women wearing stylish jeans and t-shirts with the restaurant's equally stylish logo. The decor is decidedly Euro-modern sleek, and so is the background music....more
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Bitter Reaction to Study on Black and Asian Women's Tolerance for Racism

[Editor’s Note: Every once in a while, a study comes out that makes you wonder, “What were they thinking?” Contributing Editor Laina Dawes and I are trying to wrap our minds around a recent report involving Black and Asian women, a Confederate, and a pile of Bertie Bott's Every Flavor Beans. And no, it’s not a joke. Read on to find out more... --Grace]...more
IMO, the researcher has to pinpoint which part of Asia were the researched women came from. Some ...more

Depression Knows No Race or Religion

May marked my one-year anniversary on vitamin L, and it's finally time to talk about it. I am Asian American and Christian, struggling with anxiety and clinical depression, and I take vitamin L - or Lexapro to be exact - to treat it. It's been one year since I decided enough was enough. I was tired of being tired. Tired of being sad. Tired of always feeling on edge about almost anything. ...more
I really agree that depression is not something to be swallowed as inevitable suffering. I have ...more

Racists in the Crib

Babies are hard wired to notice difference. Millennia ago, Difference Mattered.  A Lot. Difference could mean "Hey, you aren't part of my tribe and therefore, you are dangerous and possibly fatal to me, if nothing else you are competing for the food/shelter/reproductive rights that I am trying to preserve!" ...more
The problem with your post is you assume that only whites are capable of racism. If you are ...more