Asian Braised Short Ribs

For some totally strange reason I have the biggest culinary geek crush on braised short ribs. Romantic, right? For me they are just the bees knees of beef dishes. Short ribs are cooked low and slow and braised in a broth, in this case an Asian-flavored broth. As you cook them the meat becomes rich and tender beyond words. It falls off the bone and is pretty much irresistible. When so many of you requested that I make some slow cooker recipes for the blog, I knew this had to be the first one on the list....more

Simple Sesame Snap Peas

There are days when I'm in the kitchen and I feel like a slave to a particular dish. On days like that, I've spent so much time on one aspect of the meal that the rest of it gets thrown together without any care or concern. Literally, I have been known to throw lettuce in a bowl and call it salad. No dressing or anything! It was starting to get a little too frequent and quite unacceptable, and I finally decided it was time to step up my game in the veggie side dish department....more

Udon Noodle Bowls with Pork Belly and Mushrooms

Welp, not exactly the Super Bowl we were all hoping for. When your football dreams are being brutally dashed before your eyes, you turn to comfort food. One of my favorite comfort foods are ramen noodle bowls. Not the crap in a package at the grocery store, but a homemade Asian noodle bowl. My sister and I scour the country every time we are together in search of the best ones. Our favorite is at Momofuku in New York City. After dining out dozens of time in search of the best, it was about time that I try to make my own....more