Garlic-Chilli-Ginger-Soy Deliciousness

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That Awful Time I Found Out I'm a Woman and Asian

By age six, the world's mysteries open up and offer this pearl.I'm a girl.Sometimes I wear a dress that floats above my knees and lifts when a gust blows in.  Or at times I play with dolls.  Or god forbid, mommy combs my hair vigorously, then tightens two clumps of hair on either side of my head to create pigtails.  And the ribbons, she never forgets those.  I'm told to never talk to strange people.  It's unclear how that word translates into the crosswalk patrol near my elementary school, or my first grade teacher who smells of stale cheese and wears coke bottle glasses. I chalk up "strange" to mean people with goitres, maybe some other unspeakable deformity that will terrify me....more
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Marinated Tomato Salad

Wondering why you should eat more tomatoes?  Well, it's linked to heart health, bone health, and on a completely superficial (yet important) level, tomatoes are linked to keeping you young-looking; thank you lycopene!Check out my fast and friendly recipe for a marinated tomato salad.  This looks and tastes like it's complicated but it's super fast and super easy; enjoy!

A Quest For Perfect Marinated Shiitake

My husband and I are huge fans of Fogo De Chao — a Brazilian steak house.  Among many, many, oh so many reasons we love it so much is their world class salad bar.  Meh, you may say, who cares for leafy goodness when there are cute guys in gaucho costumes carrying amazingly tender juice-dripping cuts of meat on huge skewers?...more

Gingered Beef Broth With Soba Noodles

Gingered Beef Broth With Soba Noodles This recipe has been adapted from the original one...more
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Romney Gave Me A Chance to Lead as an Independent Asian Woman

I am a 40 year old Asian Female who is pro Mitt Romney.  Sounds odd, right? A female minority who is supporting a GOP candidate, specifically someone the press has portrayed as anti-women.  I am not a registered Republican nor Democrat.  I am the Independent vote based upon the issue. I believe the biggest issue today is the struggling economy and our staggering national debt....more

Asian Style Slaw with Furikake Dressing

What, Library of Congress? No Asian or Native American Books Shaped America?

The Library of Congress recently released a list of Books That Shaped America, along with an exhibit of the same name that will be on display in Washington D.C. until September. Out of the 88 books chosen for their influence on our nation’s culture, not a single title was written by an Asian American or Native American. That’s right. Not a single novel, non-fiction account, children’s picture book, or even cookbook (there are a few of them included, too) focuses on the experiences of these often overlooked ethnic groups....more
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Asian Fusion Red-White-Blueberry Gluten-Free Cupcakes

Whether it's the Fourth of July or not, gluten sensitive folks (like my husband) need gluten-free food 365 days a year.  And who can live without a scrumptious dessert now and then? Okay, every day.Asian Fusion Red-White-Blueberry Gluten-Free Cupcakes...more