Need to Take Action Now? Ask For Help!

It is magnificent to know that, if you need to take action now and don't know how, you can ask! It is important to take action now in order to get done what needs doing. Often people make plans, great and wonderful plans that will change the world, revolutionize an industry or make it easier to keep the house clean. It is a great thing to plan, to revise the plan and to revise the plan again to make sure it is the best it can be. After all that planning and revising has been done, everything is for nothing if the planner does not take action to make the plans happen. ...more

The Art of Creativity in Life and Business

Here are some tips to give you a nudge in the right direction of creative thinking as life and business-survival training. Look for the second best answer. Kids are great at doing this. What do you do with an empty toilet paper roll? Turn it into a megaphone. Play with your cat. Curl your hair. Make binoculars. Cut, paint and use as napkin rings. Make a tall hat for your doll. Store your underwear. Ask “What if”?...more

If You Want It, Ask For It!

Written By Lissa Rankin ...more

Changing and Recycling Your Own Used Oil Filter

Are you a wannabe do-it-yourselfer who has been afraid to try to change your own oil? While this task can seem daunting, if done carefully, it doesn't have to be messy or complicated. We've broken the process down into three simple and eco-friendly steps, so be sure to read the entire series: Changing Your Own Motor Oil (Wednesday, December 30); Changing and Recycling Your Own Used Oil Filter  (Tuesday, January 5), and Recycling Your Used Oil (Wednesday, January 6)....more

What Would Santa Drive?

What would Santa drive if you were creating the ultimate toy delivery vehicle, and could rely on more than reindeer power to propel it? ...more

Holiday Gifts for Car-Loving Pets

Well, folks, here is the last in our series of automotive-themed holiday guides! Looking for a special gift for the car-crazed pet lover in your life? Are YOU the car-crazed pet lover looking for something for your traveling animal? Will you be traveling during the holidays with your pet? Then we're sure we've got something in here for you. We were given guidance the Pet Safety Lady by Christina Selter; her website is full of great safety and travel tips for those of us who take our pets along for the ride....more

Molly travels with me in a doggie car seat that is seat-belted in the rear seat.  It ...more

Things That Go Vroom: Car Gifts for Kids and Teens

We've given you guides for Him and Her,  now here's a guide to help you gift the younger drivers in your family. No matter their age or driving level, we've got something here to please all your car-loving kids! ...more

AskPatty Attends the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show

The Los Angeles Auto Show opened to the public this week, showcasing the latest new vehicles and futuristic concepts from auto manufacturers around the world. More than 900 vehicles are currently on display through Sunday, December 13, from sportscars and sedans, to crossovers, trucks, and minivans. Los Angeles is the nation's largest car market and as the first major North American auto show of the season, it will deliver a preview of how the recent changes in the industry, the environment, and the economy will ultimately affect what consumers drive. Last year's Los Angeles Auto Show practically launched the carpocalypse, so this year's event opens the auto show season with a cautiously optimistic attitude. ...more