Asking for help creates a win-win (It really, really does!)

Tricia didn’t believe that asking for help would create a win-win. She thought she’d feel weak and like a pest and that her in-laws would feel burdened. She was wrong....more

The Power of Saying No

“The difference between successful people and very successful people is that very successful people say ‘no’ to almost everything.” -Warren BuffettI really don’t like saying no to people, especially when I know that I could help them. In effect, my common response to ‘Can you help me….” or “Do you have time to…” is always “Sure, of course I can!”...more

MAKESPACE in Vancouver - 3D printer for all?

I want a 3D printer - no real reason except they are cool. But the lack of a reason makes me think that I'd get a very expensive toy that I'd use a few times - but still would be awesome. If I just had a lot of spare cash... See below for some cool things that could be done.But now I have a chance to use a 3D printer if one of my workspaces gets a grant for a MAKESPACE. Their goal is to create a MAKESPACE Fabrication Laboratory that will provide the tools to design and build anything you can dream. The lab would be open to the community and will hopefully become a hub of dialogue and creativity. Doesn't that sound great? If you are willing to help, please vote for the project!So, what can you do with a 3D printer? (just one of the things that will be in the proposed Makespace)...more
3D printing is so amazing to me. Who knows, maybe every home will have a 3D printer someday and ...more

My Soul Lesson and Probably One of Yours

How many of us really like to ask for help?  It’s uncomfortable.  It’s awkward.  And sometimes we will avoid it all costs.  It also means that we can feel very lonely when we feel like we have no support.  It can be a very vicious cycle.  Alone, won’t ask for help, alone, won’t ask for help…...more

Pumpkin Granola and a Little Help.

I can do it on my own

My mom once told me that I was already saying it when I was 2 years-old : chus capable toute seule. Je suis capable de le faire toute seule. I can do it on my own. By myself or alone....more

How to Keep Your Burritos from Getting Dry (and other ways to ask for help).

This morning, I re-heated some breakfast burritos for my husband and me. His was ready first so he took a bite as I went to re-heat mine. After his first taste, my husband said "When you heat yours, be sure to turn it over so the edges don't get dry." His point was to let me know that there was a better way to make the burritos so I would enjoy them more. I took it to mean that I had ruined his breakfast and made it all dry. I told him that I was sorry for ruining his breakfast and got pretty defensive. ...more

Trouble asking for help? Me, too.

I have a hard time asking for help when I am unable to do something for myself. But this week, I am weak, attached to an in-house oxygen tube 24/7, and on steroids and antibiotics due to severe bronchitis and extreme asthma. I have had to face up to needing a lot of help. I'll find out in a week's time how long I have to do this. But for now, I am calling in the troops to help with grocery shopping, yard tasks, trash hauling to curb, and so on. It has slammed me face to face with a broken place -- a place that when in I am in need offers up shame or embarrassment as the main feeling. ...more

Thank you for your kind words...It's really about being in the moment, and not ...more