#ShareTheLove with Subaru and ASPCA

For the seventh year in a row, the ASPCA has been selected as one of the four national charity partners to participate in Subaru's “Share the Love” sales event. To kick off its annual event, Subaru retailers across the country are teaming up with local animal welfare agencies to host pet adoption events, collection drives, and other activities....more

Adopting a Shelter Dog

Back in August, I had the pleasure of helping organize the BlogHer ’12 Pet Fashion Show, partnering with PetSmart and the ASPCA. The best part of the experience was seeing all the cute pups that participated and hearing their adoption stories (which you can read more about in my recap post)....more
I love coming across reading other people's joy of adopting animals from shelters. My family ...more

Holiday safety tips for pets

Holiday decorations and food and even new holiday toys are very tempting chew toys for pets just like they are for young children....more

This Little Water Kitten Needs a Sweet Home

After the flood here in Tennessee, Doug found a kitten looking confused and running around in the muck. She let him pick her up, and we brought her in. She's been purring ever since. We will be staying with a friend soon while we look for a different place to live, and adding to our pet party is not really appropriate at the moment....more

Pet Safety: Toxic and Non-Toxic Plants

My dogs have always enjoyed sitting on my deck. Outdoors on a deck or near the garden might seem like a great place for pets, but their human friends need to make sure the plants nearby are not toxic.  ...more

eHarmony for Pets: ASPCA's "Meet Your Match"

Spring is here and we've got puppies on our mind. The Obama's first dog Bo is set to arrive tomorrow and it seems like the whole country is thinking about adopting a dog. ...more