The Talk - How We Told Our Son About His Autism

It started like every other night.  It could have been any other ordinary day.  Any at all.  The same instructions had been given.  The same teeth-brushing arguments, both pro and con, had been repeated.  The blessed melatonin had been given.  We sat down and pulled open the devotion book but we never read past the date – April 2nd....more

Asperger's Rocks!

Proud Aspie Mom!...more

Do You Know What Autism Looks Like?

Do you know what autism looks like?I can't say that I do....more

Wicked Good - Cover Art Part 2

Our publisher presented another cover to us but we still didn't like it. We realized that while in Wicked Good the willow represents being strong - bending but not breaking - as an image it is kind of creepy. Amy said: "why don't we put a boy on the cover? I look at every book with a boy on the cover." Since Amy represents the demographic that would most likely read Wicked Good, I agreed. I then went searching on the Internet for a photo of a mother and a boy that I could show our publisher as an example of what we thought would make a good cover image....more

What I Want People to Know

I wrote this for The Thinking Person's Guide to Autism, where it was originally published on June 30th 2010.  With their permission, I have reposted it here. ...more

Penelope Trunk Says Miscarriage Tweet All Part of Having Asperger's Syndrome

On September 21, 2009, Penelope Trunk, a divorced mother of two, aka The Brazen Careerist, was sitting in a board meeting when she realized she was having a miscarriage. Penelope decided to tweet the workplace event....more

There is one individual close to me with this affliction and the one characteristic I see the ...more