I Am Not Autism

We are not defined or labeled by the events of our lives.  We are molded and formed by them but certainly not a definition of them.So, why is it acceptable to teach our spectrum children to define themselves by their placement on that spectrum?  Why are we teaching our children to say “he’s autistic; I’m autistic”?...more

Lack of Resources for Adults with Autism

I frequently work with parents of adult children with Autism.  I realize more than ever that children with Autism, don't suddenly grow out of it at age 18.  Many of our clients are older and I am always looking for appropriate resources and outlets.There are no easy answers in these cases.  Sometimes we refer parents to group homes.  Sometimes we can accomodate the adult child in the home with attendants and paid caregivers....more

Motherhood Through Asperger colored glasses

My son was five years and five months old when we were given his diagnosis of Asperger's Syndrome, that was fourteen years ago and hardly anyone really knew what that meant exactly. At the time, he was in kindergarten and the school system was fighting to remove him from his integrated classroom and send him to a collaborative program out of district. I fought them tooth and nail becuase I could not (more likely would not) see my son as any different from the other butt scratching, nose picking, and hyper active five-year-old boys surrounding us....more

March, March, March

March March March March(This is a post from March2012)...more

A is for Aspergers

A is for Aspergers...more

Autism & Empathy 101

My son has aspergers, and was diagnosed at the age of 10. This was published recently in our local newspaper.  I was inspired to write it after a particularly bad day my son had at school. One thing I've learned, I wish I could be more like my son. . Autism & Empathy 101   That was my son.  The one in the shirt and tie with no coat in 38 degree weather holding open the door for you as you left the band concert.   ...more

10 Things NOT to Say to a Parent of an Aspie

One of the more frustrating things being a parent of an Aspie is what other people say to you. I appreciate that some of these comments come from a well-intentioned place and you can’t know what I feel or think. I’ve hardened up, and am more likely to laugh it off these days, but if you know someone who is a parent of a child with Asperger’s Syndrome, here are ten annoying (and sometimes insulting) things to NOT say to them!...more
Thanks for this.  Both of my sons are on the spectrum.  In retrospect my family's journey to a ...more

who says kids with asperger's aren't affectionate | needs to take a second look

Jodi & Corey Shaw | rantsnrascals.com  ...more
Funny, I'm a 23-year-old Aspie who lives on her own, has a job and generally does everything ...more

Please Don't Be A Mean Girl

Bedtime is the sweet part of the day when Ruby and I finally get to be alone, and the moment when I get the real scoop on what's happening in her life at school. When Ruby is sleepy and her brothers aren't competing for my attention, she drops her guard and offers me brief glimpses into her rich imaginary world, her friendships, and her feelings about our family. Last night, as Ruby told me about what she did at recess that day, my heart hurt a little. She described hanging out with her best buddy at school and went on to tell me about a joke they played on another girl....more
My daughter comes home with stories like these too and I more than once I've had to shock my ...more