The Battle of Gozer

I had a fun little tiff with my mom Monday.I called to tell her that BabyBro had lied and she needed to take Gozer’s Aspy-ness into account, since she is a de facto co-parent. If BabyBro and TaintFace won’t give Gozer the help she needs, at least my mom can, right?Did I get that far into the conversation with my mom? Did she ask what she could do for Gozer as soon as she heard Gozer’s autism was confirmed?Nope.Instead she started chewing me out for checking up on BabyBro. I wish I was making that up, but it is true....more

Gozer has Autism

While I was home, my mother told me I didn’t need to worry about Gozer any longer. My BabyBro had told her the doctor had called him to tell him Gozer was Autism Free! Wasn’t that good news?I thought to myself, “Bullshit.”Thus, I called the doc when I got home. BabyBro has never rescinded permission to tell me things; he said she could tell me whatever as long as I never had it in print. The doc and I used that wide-open window to discuss Gozer.Does it surprise ANYONE to learn that the doc had actually called BabyBro to confirm Gozer had Asperger’s? ...more

Lilo and Asperger's Bullying

Today, when I was dropping my sweet little Lilo off at day camp, I overheard something that made my stomach cramp. She threw a frisbee to a boy and another boy, a “cool” sardonic tween, holler “nice throw Lilo” in the most sarcastic voice possible.It was so sarcastic that even I got the inflection. (I asked Stitch and she confirmed that yes, the kid was being a dick.)...more
Have you read Aspergirls? Excellent book!more

TaintFace, the Flip-Flop Twatwaffle

Gozer has high-functioning ASD (Asperger’s Syndrome). I called it. Now she can get early intervention, by her grandparents if no one else. My parents are now 110% convinced, thanks in no small part from my Mother’s revulsion for TaintFace’s shenanigans. Mom was less convinced than Dad, until TaintFace went on her psychotic break from reality bi-polar tirade, but after hearing the stupid and selfish assertions in TaintFace’s shrieks my Mother wanted no part of Team Denial.  ...more
OMG :(  i'm so sorry.  taintface is an asshat and your babybro is in huge, enabling denial.  i ...more