Why my husband answers the phone- how we deal in a disabilty household.

 I’ve mentioned before  that my husband has aspergers (ok so it was a whole post) it was a bit of a rant post and I thought I’d try something a little more positive now I’m in a better place. There are three of us (nearly) four in my household. Two out of three have a disability. My husband has aspergers and he is high functioning due to a lot of work that he puts into himself to hide it. I have emotionally unstable personality disorder (formally borderline personality disorder) with ocd tendency’s and PTSD. My daughter is so far ‘normal’....more

Another trip to the ER goes badly…Thank God for DAN Doctors

Monday, was such a long day. We did our normal, all day therapy. We visited some friends, when Gabe said his stomach hurt. I asked if he had to go “Caca.” Of course he said No, and I proceeded to make him to at least sit on the toilet. I get him to go, he comes out saying he feels better, and goes back to playing. About 30mins later. He come out and says. “Mommy, I don’t feel soo good, my tummy hurts.” I look at him, and all color has gone from his face....more

Loose the “S” word during Summer, have fun..do as homeschoolers do

I have been coming across blogs here and there about the stress of having their children home for the summer months. And I can’t help but wonder why. Summer is such a wonderful time of the year. There is so much to do. Homeschooling changes your view on things.1. It makes you thankful that you get a lot of quality time with your kids2.  It teaches you patience… or I should say, your children teach you patience.3. It makes realize exactly how weird your kids really are, and it’s ok to laugh at them....more

Artists with Autism

I have  not been offically diagnosed but my brother has, I am a person with Asperger's Disorder, or highly functioning autism, however I don't call it a disorder, more of an inconvienance to me.  Those who are autistic have a tendency to have narrow focuses on things, some of those things can be very odd like mechanics of gearshifts.  Mine just happens to be art and color which has caught my eye.  When I was young uh around eight or so my parents took me to this art museum that is next door to the San Deigo Zoo....more