Life With Muggles

We are all Harry Potter fans in my house.Thus, we call people who do not have a serious level of non-neurotypical issues “Muggles”. We do that because it is such a convenient shorthand. Muggles can be great. They are fascinating and sometimes baffling. They can be brilliant, and the fact they are normal makes them no less amazing. Most importantly, it reminds us that since Muggles outnumber us everywhere but Hogsmead and Hogwarts (AKA: engineering and software development offices) we need to adapt to them....more
9 and 3/ the place to be.more

Being Her Own Advocate: Growing Up with Learning Disabilities

Imagine that you are afraid of public speaking, I mean really terrified of it. And yet, had a job that required you to address large groups everyday. The people around keep saying that it will get better, that the support is in place, that you will be fine.But you are not. It is just that sinking feeling in your gut day after day day after day.When you have a learning disability, walking into class everyday goes beyond a struggle with the alarm clock. It is day after day of feeling like you are dumb, that you are hopeless. The struggle is constant. ...more

A Child So Few Can Understand.

The horrific events that took place in Connecticut last week have shocked the world. The thought of someone going into a school and killing innocent children in cold blood is so much more than we can fathom.  Just as frightening is the reaction of so many people toward the killer. So many people wishing his eternal damnation.  Being an avid internet user, I learned long ago how cruel people could get and I have chosen to ignore the hatred and anger running rampant. ...more

"Why Don't Kids Like Me, Mom?"

Monday, after school, in a fit of frustration, my son declared, "I am sick of Fremont and Clarmar. Why can't I be anyone's best friend?" I paused, knowing he can be sensitive, knowing that he had a bad day/week/month, knowing that maybe it will be better tomorrow. "What happened?" "Well, sometimes it feels like the kids are mean. They don't really want to play with me. They don't want me on their team."...more
Thank you for sharing. I remember distinctly knowing that I did not fit in and not having anyone ...more

So, Back to School

So much happened this summer.  Most of it good.  As a couple we grew stronger.  Elder Daughter is feeling better.  Sassy Girl continues to make us laugh and bring a fresh perspective to all topics.  Hotspur is growing and shining and has begun new extracurricular activities.  Back to school started off on a negative note due to quite a bit of key staff turn over.  This setback was aggravated by what I have come to view as “the veil of secrecy philosophy” that the special education school strives to operate under....more

The Eternal Optimism of the Asperger Mind

I have written about my autistic son before. Despite grappling with the challenges brought on by Asperger's Syndrome, he remains a bottomless pool of good cheer. Impressed as I am by his incredible kindness, courage and fortitude, I am heartened by the way in which his presence tends to bring out the best in those around him. It re-ignites my faith in all things good and right in this troubled world, not like a match - more like a blow torch....more

College Planning for Grads with Autism Spectrum Disorders

As a current college student with an autism spectrum disorder (ASD), I know the going isn't easy. Over the last three years, I have come up with solutions and advice that have helped me manage issues like living alone, time management, social interaction, and securing disability accommodations, as well as creating guidelines for future snags and anticipated events. In this series, starting with the college-planning process, I hope to shed a little more light on what it's like to navigate college and provide some critical planning tools for families and students with ASD. ...more
There is some excellent advice in this article. One more support person to consider is a ...more

A Camping We Will Go

Brainchild:  wouldn’t it be fun to go camping as a family for Father’s Day?  The whole weekend together, roughing it and showcasing my husband’s manly skills to his children!  With the weekend looming, I began to stage for the trip, pressing into service various offspring to fetch and carry tents, Coleman stove, food stuffs, bugspray, etc.  The mound in the living room grew quite large and seemed grander than when we packed for 10 day drive to Florida.  A spirit of adventure filled us and excitement was in the air....more


       I foster dogs through my local animal shelter and recently brought home Ace, a one-year-old puggle named after the Snoopy flying ace character. Ace had been hit by a car and his family could not afford to have his broken leg fixed. They surrendered him to my local shelter. After surgery, he needed a place to heal his clipped wing....more

Siblings and Autism: How Are Kids Affected by Special Needs Brothers and Sisters?

It's a question that not everyone asks or even thinks about, unless you are the parent to more than child and especially if you are a parent of a child with special needs and a child/children with no special needs. How are your other children affected by your aspergers child?...more
I just came across this post for the first time and after reading all the comments I wanted to ...more