I Believed Once

I believed once.I thought I could make a difference. I followed my heart and used my voice and put it out there. I worked. Hard. I worked through lunch. I worked late, came home, had dinner, and worked some more.I wrote. I wrote and wrote and brainstormed because I believed. And because I believed I put my whole heart in to my work....more


This morning I went through what has become the summer routine:First, conduct a dizzying search for swimsuits and rash guards for the big girls to take to camp.Second, devise things to pack for the littlest girl to make her feel like a big girl.Third, pack 2 lunches that will satisfy the distinct eating habits of the older girls.Fourth, make the littlest girl feel ok about not having a packed lunch.Fifth, apply deodorant*Sixth, make coffee and mutter under breath that coffee should always be the first order of business....more

And what I mean by refreshed is: not looking like the bleary-eyed mom of three kids, owner of 2 ...more

A New Year and A New Set of Goals; Personal and Professional

Looking Back I am ready to leave 2010 behi...more