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Starting Your Own Business

It has never been more exciting to me a woman entrepreneur.  When I started my first business over 27 years ago the internet was not widely available. Information didn't flow freely as it does today.The interesting thing is that even with the ability to seek out this information many don't know exactly how to use this wonderful tool so that it benefits it them fully.   Did you know that women have been starting businesses at a higher rate then men for over 20 years!  That's girl power if you ask me....more

Entrepreneurial Lessons from Your First Job

We have all had one. A first job. Someone looked you in the eye and said, “You are hired!” The decision confirms they trusted you to represent their business. They were willing to invest in you, train you, teach you how to earn a paycheck....more

The Entrepreneur’s 5-Step Guide To Prosperity

The Entrepreneur’s 5-Step Guide To ProsperityIn the spring, I attended my sister’s medical school graduation.  The commencement speaker, a Holocaust survivor and great philanthropist, shared his incredible life story and some of the key lessons he learned along the way.At the close of his presentation, he revealed a recipe for prosperity.  “Prosperity,” he said, “is the result of four things: patience, perseverance, positivity, and productivity.  And that’s it.” ...more

Farmer Joe

In June, I went back home to visit family and take a much needed sabbatical from all of the hustle and bustle of a country girl living life in the big city mentality. I was glad to get home, see the flatlands of a Southern diaspora and spend quality time with family and loved ones....more

Growing Girl Entrepreneurs

I was watching TV the other night when a Best Buy commercial caught my attention. One after another, inventors and entrepreneurs hold up a device or mobile technology for our cell phones: tiny cameras, Siri, Scrabble games, and even text messaging. Ten different inventors, all 10 men. What’s up with that? ...more

Create Your Group of Prospects For Free

What can a LinkedIn Group do for you?  Simple answer, a LinkedIn Group can further identify you as the expert at what you do! Branding yourself as the expert is critical for any inbound marketing efforts.   I don’t mean simply joining a group or participating in any random group.  What I am referring to is creating your own group where you run the show!  How many groups have you seen with hundreds of thousands of members?...more

Looking for Money

In the last three weeks I've gone from having a job, to going for my business dream, to crashing and discovering how hard it is to look for money.  It has been an interesting lesson in determination....more

Being A Finder, Rather Than A Seeker (Living in Solutions)

While coaching a copywriter, we were reviewing a list she uses to allow her clients to choose words that resonate for and describe them best.  Scanning the list, my eyes fell on one word. Looking at the word, I muttered something under my breath.  Curious about what I’d reacted to, she asked me to let her in on it. The word?Seeker. The reaction I’d had?...more

The Fear of Success (& What It Can Do To Your Relationships)

I didn’t notice at first.  One usually doesn’t notice at first.  Over time, though, I began to notice a pattern.I had this amazing opportunity that was completely perfectly aligned with the direction I wanted to take my life.  I was ready.  The plans, support, next steps were in place.   And then he showed up.See, there’s this guy….(don’t you love stories that start that way?)  We weren’t involved anymore.  He was what I lovingly and affectionately refer to as a crazymaker  or energy vampire....more