Women's Fears vs. Men's Fears by Gina Barreca

Women's Fears vs. Men's Fearshttp://bit.ly/pVhRfzYour Shameless Friend,Ginawww.ginabarreca.comTwitter @TheGinaBarreca...more

Want to Write a Book or Blog Post? 6 Ways to Write Better

We all have a story to tell -- and writing that story may be the most creative, interesting thing we ever do! Even if we write a book and it never gets published, we still reap massive rewards from the act of writing.But even if we're "only" writing for ourselves, or if we're writing blog posts that only our family members read, we want to write well. Good writing is easy to read and understand, and brings the reader alongside for the ride. ...more

10 Tips for Writers

Here are 10 things I wish I'd known before I began writing my first book. ...more

All of these are excellent tips and lessons, but #5 seems to bring me down the most. But I'm ...more