ASSASSINATION Hits it Right on Bluray

Action packed on Bluray from director/writer Choi Dong-hoon and Well Go USA Entertainment comes a history about ASSASSINATION. It is the 1930s and Korea is under the rule of Japan. Based in Manchuria are resistance fighters who have been in hiding. When orders come down for the assassination of Kawaguchi Mamoru (Shim Cheol-Jong) governor of Gyeongseong and businessman Kang In-gook (Lee Geung-young), they only want to send their best to do the job. ...more

Ophelia--A New York Deb and her Artwork

(The story behind the photo) (Please click on my blog "A Rolling Crone" below to see the daguerreotype and the art work by Ophelia Merle.) Collectors of antique photographs take special pride in finding an identified antique portrait, taken before 1900, and then unearthing something that belonged to the subject—for instance, inheriting great-grandmother’s portrait as well as the brooch she was wearing when the photo was taken. ...more

I clicked over -- very cool!!! I think you're right, she'd be pleased that the two were ...more

One Tucsonan's Perspective on Saturday's Mass Shooting

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I appreciate your taking the time to give us an inside view of the atmosphere there. People who ...more

Some Other Things -- More Clear When You Remember Other Kennedy Funerals

On the wall of my office is a framed letter from John Kennedy.  I spent many junior high afternoons and weekends volunteering for his presidential campaign and my dad managed, somehow, to let someone know about it.  Hence the signed letter, fading but treasured. ...more



I swear I commented on almost this very same post just yesterday or ...more

where were you?

It's hard to believe that 40 years has past since that fateful day. It started off for me like any other day. I was sophomore in high school and that day was filled with all of the typical teenage nonsense things. Concerns about friends, relatives, and acquaintances serving Nam, somehow did not overshadow the who's going with who...she think she cute...damn, I wish I'd done my English homework...James ditched class again and ain't no way Mr. Principal not gonna put some wood to his a** when he come back. Yes, just a normal day in the hood. ...more

Pakistan's destiny derailed, yet again

I will steer clear of what Benazir Bhutto's assassination means to the U.S. and the war on terror. The ramifications are just too obvious. Being an Indian and Pakistan's neighbor, however, I can't help feeling sorry for the common Pakistani. As I had mentioned in an earlier post, for 60 years, India has watched (and dealt) with some apprehension, some incredulousness and largely helplessness, as her neighbor and brother-separated-at-birth swung between shaky democracies and determined dictatorships, and now, a growing militancy. ...more

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