Homework Battles: Handwriting Is Important

Homework woes are different for everyone. Some children struggle with the material or with needing to focus after a long day at school. Yet others, as in our case, have a hard time giving the work they are doing proper respect. “All finished, mom!” My little underachiever skips into the kitchen wearing his I’m-done-with-tasks-and-am-ready-to-play face. I’m weary. Dragging my feet to his desk, I secretly hope that he is, indeed, all finished. Because I actually do wish that he could just play and that I had uninterrupted time to write. But life isn’t that simple....more
@NinaBadzin This is something we've not tried.  Heading over to the store to get some gel pens ...more

Hundreds of thousands of words

Although the nursing program started back on June 24th, we’ve technically only met for class five times.  And two of those times were devoted solely to clinicals so that doesn’t even count as class time.  The school has to throw a week-long “Summer Break” in the mix at some point so they pick the week before or after the 4th of July.  So, class started on a Thursday (random), ran one full week, and now we have a week off.  As big of a pain as it is to take a break after getting one week under my belt, I must admit there are some pretty hefty ad...more