Top 10 Senior Care Facilities in Denver, Colorado

There are many places, which provide the best services and activities in the Assisted Living Facility for the Elderly, but there are a few places that are known for providing extra care. If you are looking for different assisted living Denver options, then such places also exist in Denver, Colorado, which are going to be listed down here, so you can check them out if you are also living in Denver, and need some extra help finding the best place for your elderly....more

Why Age-group matters and You Should Never Ignore Assisted Living

My 2 Year old nephew has all the different activities than me and why not? We are not of the same age group and we have a different routine. We don’t even wake up and go to sleep at the same time. But there is one similarity, he enjoys playing with his age-group and I love to spend time with my co-workers, friends and colleagues. Thus, day-to-day life activities vary with age and time!...more

Saying Goodbye to Caregiving

My mom married my stepfather over 20 years ago. When I first met him, he was strong, forceful, overwhelming. He was a lawyer and liked to bark at people. We didn't get along, but he loved my mother. It was so obvious, and she loved him back.  He was almost 15 years older than her, but it didn't make any difference.  They got married and we all learned to live together. It helped that I was an adult, although barely - I was in college and no longer lived at home full time. ...more

Elder Care: 5 Tips For Moving to Assisted Living

In one of those strange confluences of timing, I’ve been corresponding with two friends who both have traumatic difficulties with an elderly parents. One requires solving drug dependency, the other is an issue of frailty and living alone. But the ultimate outcome of both situations will be moving to assisted living....more

A Special Assignment: Caring for My Mother

by Julie Danis...more

It Was a Ghost Town of a House

    So, it was a ghost town of a house. Abandoned mid-construction, just the bare studs and plywood floors, a lighter and pack of cigarettes left in an empty roofing nail box, like the guys working on it had to leave in a hurry. ...more

Rocket Science, Part 1

So, I was going to find movie star or at least movie character names for all our doctors. I’ve been finding it difficult – I think Dr. Loren was a pretty sad choice – but Gary has a real gift for it. When I decided to write about Maw’s old doctor, he immediately suggested Georgette Baxter, from the Mary Tyler Moore show. Absolutely perfect. Exactly what I wanted to convey about this person. So perfect, in fact, that I will be deferring to Gary for all doctor names now. ...more

Ideas for the MEDCottage

So I have a couple of ideas for Kenneth Dupin. A couple of posts ago I told you about Dupin and his invention, the MEDCottage, a small trailer you park on your property to house your aging relations. Since I wrote that, I thought of a couple of things Dupin might want to consider including (and I’m only half joking). ...more

You can read my post about the MEDCottage ...more

Long-Term Care, the Elephant in the Room

by Teresa Heinz Kerry and Jeffrey Lewis ...more

We're a family taking care of an elderly parent and that's exactly how we feel in the morning ...more

My Mother Dancing at 90: Some Things Never Change

by Dr. Patricia Yarberry Allen ...more