Zayne's sweet side

It's when you're not feeling okay that you would know how kind and caring some people would be. Especially if it comes from a child.In the past few days I’ve been under the weather with coughing and a runny nose. My primary doctor said it is a sinus infection. Whatever, it brings me down and I don't like it....more

Learning my 5 year old has Asthma

I has never really thought about what could trigger asthma in a child, as both my daughters did not appear to suffer from asthma.  Little did I know, I was wrong about that. ...more

A Glimpse Into Life with Chronic Lung Disease

Jax has Chronic Lung Disease (CLD), which is also called bronchopulmonary dysplasia or BPD. "CLD results from lung injury to newborns who must use a mechanical ventilator and extra oxygen for breathing." Jax was on a ventilator for 34 days, SiPap and CPAP for 16 days, high-flow oxygen for 13 days, and low-flow oxygen for 71 days. (Jax came home on oxygen.) For being born at only 23 weeks, that's pretty good!...more

Bring Back My Primatene Mist

Too funny. I was just complaining that we can't get these any more. I always took one with me ...more