“Though she be but little, she is fierce.”-William Shakespeare, A Midsummer Night Dream This kid of mine, she wants to fly....more

5 Reasons Why Athletes Make Awesome Moms

Time's up. Now that my 6-week postpartum hiatus is over, I have officially re-entered the world of sore muscles, sweat (not sweats—those never left the picture), and tennis shoes. Oh, yeah! There is just something thrilling about the feeling of sweating when it is NOT related to postpartum hormones wreaking havoc as they try to re-balance and causing me to sweat profusely at awkward times. ...more
Great points. I too am almost six weeks out and itching to get back to where I was. Started ...more

I'm Not Just A Runner

Hi, I'm Amy. I run. For many years I thought being a runner was the only thing that defined me - my identity. Well I'm here to tell you I'm not just a runner....more

Recap: 2014 Great Sports Legend Dinner

In its 29th year, the annual Great Sports Legends Dinner, hosted by NFL Hall of Famer Nick Buoniconti and his son Marc, raised funds to support the ground-breaking spinal cord injury research. Researchers at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis are the world’s most comprehensive spinal cord injury research center which is based at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine. The evening started off with a VIP reception, that included a silent auction of some great sports memorabilia.  Now on to the actual dinner and awards reception....more


Remember when our kids were in kindergarten and first grade, came running into the house to show us their gold star that they had received at school that day?  Heck, I remember the feelings of pride getting one of those gold stars!  It is amazing how something so simple got them so excited and drove our little ones to want more stars!  Well today, it will take more than that star to get them jazzed up to do the academics, but I may have something for ...more


Here in the northeast, we are seeing the snowfall once again.  I have to tell you, waking up this morning I was feeling discouraged, that the mild weekend was a trick of my imagination.  Funny thing, I was working on my morning faith readings when I came across a chapter on encouragement.  The reading reminded me that when I take the time to encourage others, it would lift my own spirits.  Words to let othe...more

Why I'm going back to Crossfit

Crossfit terrifies me.  Every time I go into the building to start a work out, my adrenaline rushes and I have to extricate myself from my vehicle and force myself to go in.  It is not easy to enter a class full of people who are athletic when you are 100 pounds overweight.  It is embarrassing to have the instructor shout out a modified plan for you during class, (or worse, write it on the white board) because there is no earthly way you could even attempt what everyone else is doing.  It’s frustrating w...more
Are you still going to Crossfit?  Your story was so inspirational.  I am 42 and thinking of ...more

Horse Power...67 the new 40!

  At the end of a 75 mile bike ride today in the 98 degree heat of the day, these famous words were heard:...more

Playing Dumb - Players Responsibility During NFL Contract Talks

I am grateful the NFL contract talks are over. Not because I'm a big football fan by any stretch of the imagination...but because I was damn tired of watching players who earn tens of millions of dollars shrug their shoulders and play dumb. Last week all parties agreed to a 10-year contract to end the months long lockout. The agreement benefits all involved and drives home just what an insanely big business professional football is in the United States: ...more
Amen to that. Same can be said for the NBA and WNBA.... maybe not parity due to length of ...more

Radio show about improving your high school (or middle school) athlete's brain with brain training

There is a sports radio show called "Best Seat in the House." On the May 10th show they had a program about high school athletes improving their brains through brain training. One female diver's mom was on the show talking about how her daughter was having some trouble academically because she spent so much time/energy diving and couldn't take extra academic classes and work. She went through an intensive brain training program and not only did it help her academics, but also her athletics!...more