Caster(ation): South African Runner Sprints into Gender Controversy

Mashups are all the current rage from photographs and graphic media to musicians looping classical or jazz riffs throughout their urban beats and world grooves.  These efforts are lauded as bold innovations, explosions of creativity, and daring advancements in art and industry.  In nature, when mashups occur they are problems, labled "disorders" requiring correction.  ...more

Athletes and Social Media

Social media has exploded into the mainstream. I remember the days when only college kids could get Facebook accounts, only bloggers were using Twitter and MySpace was mostly for hooking up. Now even my mom knows what Facebook is. I am Facebook friends with my husband's Aunts and Uncles. They show Twitter quotes on CNN! ...more

Could Title IX help women in science as well as women athletes?

The year my aunt Joan graduated from high school, Congress passed the Education Amendments of 1972, the most famous section of which may be Title IX, which sought, among other goals, to guarantee high school and college athletes like Joan had the same opportunities as their male counterparts. For Joan, it worked well. By 1976, she had earned her first Olympic medal in rowing, the first year women were allowed to compete in the Olympics. ...more

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Where to begin ...more

Reading, Writing & Organized Sports

Growing up in my family, there was never an emphasis on sports. I guess being that my parents initially only started out with 3 daughters; they didn’t feel a need to ‘develop’ athletes. It wasn’t until years later, when they finally had a son, that sports became something big.  As my brother grew older and taller, everyone always assumed he was interested in either basketball or football. ...more

Activewear gets gold medal treatment in Olympic-themed fashion show

The fashion world is often criticized for a lack of healthy role models but there were plenty of athletic bodies at designer Stella McCartney’s show of Adidas sportswear which opened London’s Fashion Week. ...more