5 Myths on Youth Sports Concussions

If your kids play sports - especially cheerleading, hockey, football, wrestling or soccer--read this:http://www.edenprairienews.com/news/opinions/columnists/commentary-youth...Here are the highlights:1. After football, GIRLS' SOCCER is the most dangerous sport in terms of concussions.2. MRIs, CTs and EEGs are NOT the most effective tools for identifying concussions, because they aren't structural injuries, they're metabolic....more

Why is this not already a rule with everything?

(Note: By "footballers" I think they mean soccer players, but this really should apply to all sports anyway.)So the headline reads: "Post-concussion 'return-to-play' decision for footballers should be made solely by doctors." Really? We don't already have that as a rule?...more

New study shows which teens most at risk for emotional symptoms post-concussion

Researchers at the University of Kentucky looked at athletes between 12 and 17 who had "persisting symptoms" for about 37 days after they experienced a concussion. (Any teens with psychological issues were excluded in advance.)They found that 22 of the 37 had emotional symptoms (depression, irritability, frequent mood changes, anxiety, aggression, apathy or excessive emotional reactions) and the other 15 did not. The different? ...more

What every mother of an athlete should hear

If your child plays a contact sport (especially football) or does cheerleading, you should probably read this:http://www.nytimes.com/2013/04/12/opinion/brain-disease-and-the-nfl-go-t...After several decades of hiding the seriousness of the risks of head injuries, the NFL is being sued ... by 4,000 of its former players....more

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?

The Culture of Team Sports: How Did It Go So Wrong?If you are anything like me, the recent events of Steubenville and Rutgers are weighing heavily on your mind.  If you think the two aren’t related, I ask you reconsider.   ...more

Magnificent Monday - Magnficent Improvement -Athletics

Magnificent Monday - it is magnificent to be fit enough to be able to show off some athletic moves....more

Fear in the Locker Room: School Sports, Homophobia and Transphobia

Rick Welts, president and chief executive of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns, has just come out as gay. It was a significant and risky move in an industry that is not known for its tolerance of lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) people. (LA Laker star Kobe Bryant recently paid a $100,000 fine for calling a referee a "faggot.") And as Megan Hueter has written here at BlogHer, women’s collegiate basketball suffers similar problems. Homophobia and transphobia in sports are not confined to the professional and collegiate levels, however....more

Tantrums, Troubles, and Treasures (A Good Problem to Have)

Today's post deals with a parent who is worried about pushing their kids too hard and burning them out of things they enjoy.  All the best!!! Clayhttp://www.tantrumstroublesandtreasures.blogspot.comTwitter: @claylauren2001...more

Title IX Women in Athletics

  Hoops  ...more

Right Fitness Program

Just the thought of choosing the right fitness program can be overwhelming. There is so much information available, but how do you make the decision to take action and step into beginning a fitness program? This is something the majority of individuals struggle with.  Take a few minutes and answer the following questions, honestly:•    How do I rate my fitness on a scale of 1 to 10?•    What are my fitness goals?•    What physical activities am I likely to enjoy the most?...more