What Do You Want? The Day We (Literally) Bought the Farm

About this time last year, my husband and I started discussing the future. What did we want out of life? What did we want to do with our time? Did we want to live where we did? Did we want to go somewhere else?...more
This is a big, exciting (and scary!) adventure for us. Thank you for sharing the link!more


 A HOT CUP OF TEA, SOMETHING WARM TO EAT, and A WARM BED…..GRANDMA’S HOUSE….So often in life all people really need is a place to feel safe in….protected….loved….cared about…..Yes, We all need that….Someplace we feel loved and accepted….Someplace that we can go no matter how cold the world is seeming right now……Grandma’s House…I remember growing up….I had the blessing of going to Grandma’s House…..Someplace that things stayed the same….never changd….Someplace warm and safe……We all need that in our lives, especailly when things get tough…....more

At My Mother's Table

Tables are pretty much the most important pieces of furniture in any Mediterranean house.  When Alfie hit six months and we started to think about weaning, we got rid of the sofa, and crow barred in a small but perfectly formed table....more

Redecorating ? Shop in your own home!

Have you spent too many hours in your house lately ( maybe due to weather) ?  Maybe, like me, you realized you need to redecorate either one room or the whole house.  Whether you decide to do it yourself or employ professional help, remember to make your space reflect your or your family's identity.  Interior decorators can be a big help, but I always remind customers " you live in the house, so make it your own".After you get the furniture and wall colors decided on...and it's okay to keep what you have, then I like to use Christi Carter's plan for accessories....more

Life Celebrating Style By Suzanne S. Felber | The Lifestylist Brands

Life Celebrating StyleBy Suzanne S. Felber | The Lifestylist Brandshttp://wobcmagazine.com/viewarticle.aspx?smid=6265&aid=25877...more